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The Journey to “Cuidad” – the Most Dangerous and Corrupt City in the World

I first heard about Ciudad  back in March of 2012.  At that time Ciudad  was being prepped as a movie for Dwayne The Rock  Johnson and as a graphic novel co-written by Anthony and Joe Russo and Ande Parks.

Ciudad  sounded like something action fans would love…

Johnson will play a “black market mercenary” hired by a drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter in one of the most “dangerous and corrupt cities in the world.”

Since then Fernando León González came on to draw Ciudad and The Rock  is no longer attached to the movie.  [What about Thomas Jane or Vin Diesel or… ]

Cuidad the graphic novel is now available.  I’ve ordered my copy.  If you’re interested you can too.  If you’re still on the fence has an interview with the Russo Brothers and Andre Parks as well as an extensive preview!

Bleeding Cool offers up Ciudad’s High-Octane Action Blows Readers Away, Just In Time For The Holidays.

Powell and Wiesch Have “Big Man Plans”

Fans of revenge stories and crime fiction will want to check out Big Man Plans coming from Eric Powell, Tim Wiesch and Image Comics.

BIG MAN PLANS—A REVENGE STORY THAT WILL SHOCK YOU…  An all-new crime series with retribution at its heart…

In BIG MAN PLANS, even the most marginalized in society can exact revenge if they don’t care how they do it.

The two have discussed the project since late 2012, going back and forth over texts, emails, and phone calls. “This project was born out of drunken conversations Tim Wiesch and I had while I was a vagabond living in his basement for a month,” admitted Powell. “This is what happens when kids of construction workers get really drunk for a long period of time and are given a creative outlet. This book is nothing but brutality and in a weird way the most noble project I’ve done…

Wiesch added: “This is going to be dark. Very, very dark. What’s been amazing is working with someone who doesn’t flinch when you offer up an incredibly visceral or painful part of the story but instead wants to help push it even further.

“When we were coming up with the story, we were looking for a way to embody a truly marginalized version of a man without just playing with worn-out tropes and comic clichés. Someone that would never be even remotely considered tough, let alone as the violent specter of revenge and death that we were looking for. No super powers, no crazy martial arts. Just a man driven beyond his own limitations by rage.”

Source: Image Comics.