“Justified” Teaser!

How about a teaser for one of the best shows on tv?  Justified!!

BBC.com – “Explore Your Life on Earth”

BBC.com created a cool page where you enter your birth date, sex, height and weight and they tell you how you and the world have changed since you were born.

8 Bizarre Facts About Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone

Mental Floss has 8 Bizarre Facts About Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone  that are worth a read.

Drew Struzan Speaks to CBR.com

Drew Struzan is the go-to guy for painted movie posters.  Sadly they are all too rare these days.  Recently Mr. Struzan spoke with CBR.com about his career to this point.

Image Source: Drew Struzan.com.

Victor Santos’ Polar Headed to the Big Screen!

Polar: Came from the Cold by Victor Santos began life as a free online web comic.  Dark Horse later published Polar: Came from the Cold as a 160 page hardback.

Constantin Film and Dark Horse Entertainment announced this week that they plan to bring Santos’ tale of a retired assassin who finds he and his child the target of assassins to the big screen.  I plan to keep tabs on this one!

Source: Coming Soon.

First “Fast and Furious 7″ Poster!

That’s the first official poster for Fast and Furious 7  which is being called Furious 7.  

Click HERE to see it in a more worthy size.

Saturday Night Live Spoofs McConaughey for Lincoln

I like the Matthew McConaughey commercials for Lincoln…. so does Saturday Night Live and they bring in the Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert for good measure.

Mike Torrance Locks Up Sly!

Mike Torrance aka The Krayola Kidd is back and he’s brought Frank Leone with him!

Over the coming weeks/months I’ll be posting more of Mike’s sketch card commissions.  My goal is to eventually get a card for every character Sly has played.  We’re well on our way!

You can see more of Mike’s art at his Deviant Art siteMike is available for commissions and his prices are very reasonable.


The Truth About King Tut!

Almost everyone has heard of King Tut the legendary boy-king ruler of Egypt.  We think of him as a handsome advernturesome youth who led a nation.  As it turns out, much of the legendary ruler’s life was legend…

With strong features cast in burnished gold, Tutankhamun’s burial mask projects an image of majestic beauty and royal power.

But in the flesh, King Tut had buck teeth, a club foot and girlish hips, according to the most detailed examination ever of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s remains.

And rather than being a boy king with a love of chariot racing, Tut relied on walking sticks to get around during his rule in the 14th century BC, researchers said.

A ‘virtual autopsy’, composed of more than 2,000 computer scans, was carried out in tandem with a genetic analysis of Tutankhamun’s family, which supports evidence that his parents were brother and sister.

The scientists believe that this left him with physical impairments triggered by hormonal imbalances. And his family history could also have led to his premature death in his late teens.

You can read the full story with more and larger photos at Daily Mail.

Batman & Dracula: Mondo’s Batman 75 Show

Franchesco Francavilla created this really cool tribute poster celebrating 75 Years of Batman.

Francavilla’s poster is just one of many created for Mondo’s Batman 75 Show and /Film has ‘em all on display!

Rare Bruce Lee Sparring Video

Below is a short but extremely rare video of Bruce Lee sparring.

Empire Presents “The Definitive History of the West Wing”

Empire Magazine brought together…

“…all the main players to relive the drama of one of TV’s most influential, beloved and important shows…” — The West Wing.

The post is well worth a read!

Brubaker and Phillips: Criminal One Shot

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are taking Criminal back to Image Comics and they’re kicking off the move with a 48 page one shot…

It’s 1976, and Teeg Lawless is doing 30 days in county jail with a price on his head; his only safe company from the savagery: a beat-up old comic magazine his dead cellmate left behind. It’s CRIMINAL like you’ve never seen it before, with a comic within the comic and all those slick ‘70s thrills!

Click over to Comics Beat for the full report.


“Vampire Grave” Found in Bulgaria

From The Telegraph, October 10, 2014 in the article “Vampire Grave” Found in Bulgaria by Matthew Day and Harriet Alexander.

A skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed in Bulgaria, in what archaeologists are terming a “vampire grave.”

“We have no doubts that once again we’re seeing an anti-vampire ritual being carried out,” said Professor Ovcharov.

All I can say is, “Don’t remove the stake!” - Craig