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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

“Did you know that the average person spends four years of his life looking down at his cell phone?…

Kinda ironic ain’t it, how these touch screens can make us lose touch…”

I wonder… Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Vin Diesel’s “Multi-Facial”

Even if you’re a huge Vin Diesel fan there’s a good chance that you’ve never seen Multi-Facial  the short film that Diesel wrote, directed and starred in back in 1995.

Fear now more.

You can now see Multi-Facial  through the embed below.  Be advised that it contains some inappropriate language.

Mike Torrance Takes Us “Over the Top”

Today Mike Torrance aka The Krayola Kidd takes us Over the Top!

Over the coming weeks/months I’ll be posting more of Mike’s sketch card commissions.  My goal is to eventually get a card for every character Sly has played.  We’re well on our way!

You can see more of Mike’s art at his Deviant Art siteMike is available for commissions and his prices are very reasonable.


Cooke Ushers in King Features Greatest Heroes!

The Phantom  art above is just one of five new Darwyn Cooke covers that appear on IDW’s first issues for the return of King Features greatest comic strip heroes.

Each hero will appear in his own five issue mini-series with the creative talent of…

  •  Flash Gordon will be written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, with art by Lee Ferguson.
  • Mandrake the Magician  will be written by Roger Langridge with art by Jeremy Treece. [Congrats Jeremy!]
  • Prince Valiant  will be written by Nate Cosby with art by Ron Salas. [Congrats Ron!]
  • The Phantom  will be written by Brian Clevenger with art by Brent Schoonover.
  • Jungle Jim  will be written by Paul Tobin with art by Sandy Jerrel.


Sources: ICV2 and Almost Darwyn Cooke.

41 Things We Learned from the “Dracula” Commentary

Kevin Carr at Film School Rejects provides 41 Things We Learned from the Dracula  commentary.

Here are five of my favorites…

16. Dracula’s infamous line “I never drink wine” was not in the book or the stage play. However, after it became popular from the film, it was added to the dialogue of the stage play.

20. Several scenes in the script described fangs for Dracula, however Lugosi never wears them. Even though the Count in Nosferatu had fangs, the vampires from the early Universal films did not have them.

25. Originally, Stoker planned to call the title character Count Vampyr. However, he stumbled upon the history of Vlad Tepis and his name Dracula (meaning “son of the Devil”).

32. The shot of Renfield crawling at the fainted maid is not as sexual or violent as it first appears. In fact, he is trying to catch a fly that has landed on her. This was edited out of the English-language version but left in the Spanish-language one.

34. Originally, Lugosi was not considered for the role in the film. Trade papers suggested Conrad Veidt (the sleepwalker in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). The studio wanted Lon Chaney, and they ended up offering him a three-picture deal which included a talkie sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. However, Chaney died before this could be done. After several other considerations, Lugosi got the role with a $500 per week salary.

New “Escape from New York” Comic Series Coming Soon

If you’re a fan of Escape from New York  or you’re diggin’ this cover [I qualify on both counts] then you’ll probably want to pre-order the new Escape from New York  comic series coming from Boom! Studios. [I am.]

“Powers” Poster

That’s the poster to Powers, the new television series based on the Powers comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis [writer] and Michael Avon Oeming [artist].

Powers focuses on two detectives who investigate super-hero homicides.

Source: Coming Soon.

15 One Sentence Facts That are Beyond Interesting

These are just two of  15 One Sentence Facts That are Beyond Interesting.  If you enjoy stuff like this, then click over.

“Bad Turn Worse” Trailer and Poster

The poster for We Gotta Get Out of This Place  features are by Sean Phillips!  

Since the poster was created the name of the movie title has changed to Bad Turn Worse  which I like better.  As for the trailer, I’m diggin’ it and Bad Turn Worse  is now on my “must see” list.

Lost 3 Stooges Short “Hello Pop!” Now Available

Three Stooges completists are excited to finally be able to get a copy of their short Hello Pop!

It was believed that all copies of the film were lost in a fire on the MGM lot in 1967, but a collector turned up a nicely preserved copy in Australia last year.

You can get full details at the NY Post article by Lou Lumenick.

45 New “Fury” Photos

That’s a detail from one of the 45 new Fury  photos posted at Coming Soon.

The “Taken 3″ Trailer and Poster

The Taken 3   trailer looks like what you’d expect.  Not that is a bad thing.

75 Memorable Moments in Marvel History recently posted their master list for 75 Memorable Moments in Marvel History.

Normally I’d take their list and give you my top ten moments or I’d pick a nit [like why didn't Shang-Chi fighting  either Razorfist or The Cat make the list] but this time I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

“Automata” Poster and Trailer

The Autmata  trailer looks interesting.

The fact that I’m not hearing much buzz about it worries me a bit.