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Ranking All 64 Stephen King Books recently rated all 64 of Stephen King’s books from worst to first.  

Although I haven’t read every Stephen King novel, I do agree that of the ones I have read, my choice for #1 matches theirs.

Alexander Koblikov: World’s Best Juggler?

Alexander Koblikov is the best juggler that I have ever seen.  Check out his video below.  He might be the best you’ve ever seen!


Source: Mark Evanier.


10 Serial Killers That are Still on the Run

Listverse posted a piece called 10 More Evil Serial Killers That are Still on the Run.

I thought the Vending Machine Killer was creepy…

At least 10 people were killed by the strange series of murders… The killer poisoned dozens of bottles of juice and soda and hid them in vending machines… dispensing chute(s). When someone bought a drink they would end up with two bottles and accept the unexpected drink as a stroke of luck. After a few mouthfuls, nausea would set in. After a day or two, breathing would stop. On top of the 10 dead, at least 35 people were poisoned but survived. Media coverage of the crimes was accused of inspiring copycats, one of whom left poisoned milk in schools…

Then I read about the Daytona Beach Killer.  An uncaught serial killer in my hometown trumps an uncaught serial killer anywhere else.

Jonathon Maberry and his Action/Horror Novels

If you’re not a fan of Jonathon Maberry, it just means you haven’t read any of his action/horror novels.

The Big Thrill has a nice interview with Jonathon Maberry.  My guess is if you’re already a Maberry fan, you’ll really enjoy it.  If you’re not a fan, there’s a good chance that once you read the interview, you will be.

44 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead

Buzzfeed has 44 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead.

10 Page Preview of New Flash Gordon Series has a ten page preview of Jeff Parker and Doc Shaner’s new Flash Gordon series!

Raw Fury: The Art of Mike Zeck

Mike Zeck is the subject of a retrospective at the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco that will run from April 10th to August 14th!

This exhibition features the most comprehensive collection of the fan-favorite artist’s most iconic artwork ever assembled, including The Punisher, G.I. Joe, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars, and Captain America. A full-color exhibition catalog will be published in conjunction with the exhibition, featuring more than 50 pieces of original artwork, an introduction by exhibition curator Charles Costas, and commentary from Zeck himself.

For more information check out the Cartoon Art Museum’s Raw Fury: The Art of Mike Zeck.

Aaron and Latour Have a Winner!

There’s a new ongoing crime series created by Jason (Scalped) Aaron  and Jason (​Loose Ends) Latour premiering later this month from Image Comics.  It is for mature audiences.  Advance word is the series is going to be fantastic.

I am not surprised.

Z-View: Dead Body Road #4

Dead Body Road is a six issue mini-series published by Image.

Writer: Justin Jordan

Penciler / Inker: Matteo Scalera

Colorist: Moreno Dinisio

Gage has taken one of his wife’s murderers captive in the back of his van. In pursuit is a fleet of bikers and other murderous ********.  Are you ready for an interrogation at 100 MPH?!


Dead Body Road #4  Last month I said “Great writing, great art and a crime/revenge story that moves.”  This was never more true than in this issue!  Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera continue to be a team to watch.

The Good

  • Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera continue to impress.  How do you create a comic book issue that consists entirely of a car chase [Ok. A van being chased by a motorcycle gang] without it becoming boring or repetitive?  Read this issue and you’ll know.
  • This is the first comic I want to read each time it comes out.
  • “Is he snoring?”

The Bad:

  • Some people are going to be put off by the violence and profanity.
  • Last month I asked: “Quint.  Is anyone badder?”  This month we learn the answer.

The Ugly:

  • There is a large panel that truly gross but appropriate to the story.

Dead Body Road #4  is a comic for mature audiences due to violence and language.  If you’re a fan of crime/revenge stories then this is for you.  

Rating: 5 out of 5


Rocky and Mickey by Shawn Surface

Today we have Sly as Rocky with Burgess Meredith as Mickey drawn by Shawn Surface.   The scan doesn’t nearly come close to doing this piece justice — it doesn’t show all of the art and the contrast is off. 

Shawn is an all-around nice guy and his art should be getting more attention. So why not check out his site and give him some love?

How Many Classic Movies Have YOU Seen?

How Many Classic Movies Have YOU Seen?


Source: Buzzfeed.

Z-View: Saviors #3


The Saviors is an on-going series created by James Robinson & J. Bone published by Image.

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: J. Bone


Tomas Ramirez is now in the small Mexican coastal town of La Calma, where other new freedom fighters allies intend to test a device to end the threat of the aliens forever. But the aliens have a counterattack plan of their own, so this certainly will be the Day of the Dead.



The Good

  • James Robinson provides back story without it feeling like exposition or talking heads.
  • J. Bone creates characters that look like individuals.  I am really diggin’ his art on this.
  • A Spanish speaking alien?  Absolutely!

The Bad:

  • The aliens are everywhere!

The Ugly:

  • Poor, poor Tony.

Saviors #3  is a comic for mature audiences due to violence.  If you’re a fan of 1950′s movies like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and the 1960′s tv series “The Invaders”  then Saviors #3 is for you.  

Rating: 4 out of 5


The “Expendables 3″ Trailer


How about a look at the Expendables 3 trailer?

25 Things You Might Not Know About the Shinning.


Here are 25 Things You Might Not Know About the Shinning.

Then again you might.  I knew at least 12 of them and I’m no expert on The Shinning.


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