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Cut It Out: The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell

Another post relating to when I was a little kid growing up in the 60’s… it wasn’t unusual to see small framed  silhouettes in houses.  Folks could get them done of their family members or other people/things and they were pretty cool looking.

 Recently the Hero Complex Gallery had a showing called Cut It Out: The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell. Mr. Monsell creates silhouettes of pop culture icons from movies and television.  The pieces are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Source: /Film.

“Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry

Midday Music Day 17.  Oh Sherrie  by Steve Perry.

Like many, I’m a huge Steve Perry fan.  When Perry’s album Street Talk  was at the top of the charts I remember a buddy of mine who was into music big time, said, “Perry’s got the best pipes in the business.”

I don’t know about his plumbing, but Steve Perry can sing.


The Universal Monsters by Aurora

When I was a little kid growing up in the 60’s all the boys went through a model-building period.  A lot of my friends liked cars, or planes or ships.  I was more drawn to the Universal Monsters by Aurora.

I probably had ‘em all at some point.  My problem was once built, I would play with them as if they were GI Joes or Johnny West action figures.

Ah, good times.


Robert Rodriguez on Directors, Movie Art and More

Recently Quint from AICN interviewed Robert Rodriguez about his Frazetta Gallery at SXSW.

So you’re probably wondering why the Drew Struzan First Blood  painting leads our post, right?  That’s because Robert Rodriguez owns the original and it is also on display at his Frazetta Gallery.  You can also see Frank Miller originals there too.

The interview covers a lot of ground and is more than worth a read!