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“Curse of the Werewolf” is the Best…

As a kid the wolf man was always my favorite monster.  This is interesting because werewolf movies weren’t [and aren't] my favorite monster movies.  Perhaps it was because the wolf man was a victim and easier to relate to than an undead vampire, a monster made of corpses or a fishman.

Ah, but I digress…

So the wolf man was always my favorite monster.  The Curse of the Werewolf  was [and remains] my favorite werewolf movie.  I agree with everything John Landis has to say about The Curse of the Werewolf  and would only add that the design of the wolf man for Curse of the Werewolf  has never been topped.

Interpreting Dreams

All my life I’ve had interesting dreams often with common recurring themes.

When I was a kid it wasn’t unusual for me to dream of being chased or being on a huge unsafe bridge that dipped into the water.

As an adult I still often dreamed of being chased, as well as seeing a nuclear missiles launched, being hidden or on the run from an invading army, or showing up for a college class unprepared for a test or worse yet at the end of a semester and realizing I had signed up for a class but never attended it.  Oh, and there’s the ever classic dream where I find myself somewhere important but not dressed appropriately.

Usually I can figure out what caused my dreams and what they symbolize.  Buzzfeed posted 9 Common Deam Symbols and What They Actually Mean.  It’s interesting that many people have the same types of dreams.  I guess even when sleeping great minds think alike.

Behind the Scenes on Set with Director George Romero

Recently Vic’s Movie Den posted On the Set – Director George Romero.  The piece contains a bunch of behind the scenes photos and video of, you guessed it, George Romero (and others) on the set of Romero’s movies.  It’s well worth a look for all Romero, and zombie fans.

“Vikings” Season Three Trailer!

Vikings, on the History Channel, continues as one of the most under-rated, unknown, good shows producing new episodes.   Season Three doesn’t start until January which gives folks plenty of time to get on board.

In the mean time, here’s a teaser for Season Three.

10 Myths About Famous Explorers

When I read 10 Myths About Famous Explorers by Alex Hanton, I was reminded of some facts  that I had forgotten and I learned a few more along the way.

Here’s a taste of three Myths…

Myth: Robert Peary Was The First Man To Reach The North Pole.

  • I knew this wasn’t true and that a black man named Matthew Henson was the first.  Since Peary was the leader of the expedition and Henson was black, Peary got the credit.   What I didn’t realize was that Peary was such a jerk that “he refused to answer Henson’s letters, help him get a job, or return the photos of the expedition that Henson had taken and paid for.”  I also didn’t know that there was another explorer who beat Henson and Peary and his backers used their power and the situation to get the credit!

Myth: Ponce De Leon Was Searching For The Fountain Of Youth

  • He wasn’t.  “The story was made up by Ponce’s enemies in Spain after his death in order to make him look like a gullible, sexually impotent idiot. It worked—the story largely eclipsed his actual achievements, like discovering the Gulf Stream.”

Myth: Christopher Columbus Died in Poverty

  • “The truth is that Columbus died an extremely wealthy aristocrat… The myth probably comes from Columbus’s own bitterness at not getting the insane 10 percent of all gold and silver from the Americas he believed he was entitled to. He spent the last years of his life compiling documents related to this claim, which his descendants used in a famous series of lawsuits against the crown.”

Source: Listverse.


15 Incredible Comic Book Artists on Instagram

Robert Tutton at Paste Magazine recently posted 15 Incredible Comic Book Artists to Follow on Instagram.

Tutton’s list is a good one and worth a look.  Hopefully you’ll discover an artist new to you.  I did.

Bruce Lee and James Garner in “Marlowe”

When I recently wrote about the passing of James Garner it got me to thinking about when he played Phillip Marlowe and had a couple of scenes with Bruce Lee.

I haven’t had time to go back and watch Marlowe, but I did get a chance to enjoy the trailer.  Hope you do as well.

6 Ice Cubes Custom [Rocky & Rambo] Figures

I’m not sure who Six Ice Cubes is, but he/she sure makes some amazing custom figures! Check out his Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch from Predator and more at the link.

Thanks to Didier for the heads-up. - Craig

Hollywood’s 10 Toughest Tough Guys

Empire Magazine asked Frank Grillo, the star of The Purge: Anarchy to pick his Ten Toughest Hollywood Tough Guys.

I love Grillo’s picks and the rationale for them.  Here’s a taste:

Jimmy Cagney: …Jimmy Cagney was tiny – the size of my wife. But when you think about Jimmy Cagney, he owned it. It’s one thing to be The Rock and the biggest guy on the planet and knock people around, but to be Jimmy Cagney and have people believe that you are that guy? That’s a task…

Tom Hardy: …Tommy, like Cagney, has got this inner rage and this believability about him…

Tom Laughlin: … Tom Laughlin who played this (Navajo and ex-Green Beret) character was a small guy, but he just took care of business…

Lee Marvin: …To me, he might be the guy. I love The Dirty Dozen. He’s not quintessentially handsome, he’s tall but he’s lanky, but you want to be that guy… The Lee Marvins, the guys who fought in World War II or Korea and became actors, they’re men…

Charles Bronson: …I love Charles Bronson. He didn’t have a lot of range and he wasn’t a great actor, but you couldn’t take your eyes off him…  He’s not likeable and he doesn’t apologise. I’m attracted to that because I’ve been raised in a movie world where men have become emasculated…

Steve McQueen: …He’s one of my favourite actors. Again, not a great actor – in fact, maybe not even a good actor – but when he’s on screen you don’t take your eyes off the guy…

Jason Statham: …Who’s the toughest guy I’ve worked with? Statham. He’s a great athlete; a great drinker. He’s not a big guy – he’s smaller than me – but he’s physically imposing…

Clint Eastwood: …Clint Eastwood is in a category all by himself…

Kurt Russell: …Snake Plissken and John Carpenter…

Sylvester Stallone: …I gotta throw in Stallone – he’s been a badass for a long time…

I suppose Bruce Lee didn’t make the list because he wasn’t considered Hollywood?


Top Ten Roles Dwayne Johnson Was Born to Play

Alex Maidy over at recently posted his choices for the Top Ten Roles Dwayne Johnson Was Born to Play.

I agree with: Samson, Predator, Lobo, Conan, Terminator (do we see an Arnold pattern forming?), and Shazam,

I disagree with: Transformers (of course I am not a Transformers fan), Venom (again, not a fan), Flash Gordon (I’m on the fence on this character but leaning towards, “no”) and He-Man (again on the fence and pointing to “no”).

The role I’d really like to see Dwayne Johnson take on?  The “black market mercenary” in Cuidad.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” – What a Lovely Day

So, what do you think of this poster for Mad Max: Fury Road?

I like it, but am not in love with it.

My nitpicks? Max almost looks like an astronaut and you have to strain to hard to see the trouble coming.

Still, if you’re diggin’ it and would like a bigger copy, here you go.

10 Great American Film Noirs

BFI Film Forever recently posted 10 Great American Film Noirs.

Their list is solid, and contains a noir [The Reckless Moment] that I haven’t seen.  If I were to quibble I’d add The Postman Always Rings Twice [original] and The Big Bang.

Jerry Ordway and the Batman Movie Adaptation

Jerry Ordway recently spoke with Patrick Reed at Comics Alliance about penciling and inking the 1989 Batman comic adaptation of the movie.  It’s an informative, fun interview and the art ain’t bad either!

“The Mad Max: Fury Road” Trailer is Here!

The Mad Max: Fury Road   trailer is here!