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“Night of the Living Dead” Prequel Moving Forward with George Romero’s Blessing

Cameron Romero [George Romero's son] has started a Indiegogo to prime the well to get his zombie movie Origins  financed.

The movie has his dad’s blessing and the elder Romero will serve as an executive producer of the film which will be a prequel to Night of the Living Dead.

I like the idea that Cameron has taken up the mantle and plans to carry on the Romero zombie tradition.

Actual Footage from the Great Martian War!

The photos above and below are stills from the Great Martian War.

What?  You’ve never heard of the Great Martian War?  The you should check out this actual footage taken nearly 100 years ago.

Directed by Christian Johnson and Steve Maher.

41 Things We Learned from the “Dracula” Commentary

Kevin Carr at Film School Rejects provides 41 Things We Learned from the Dracula  commentary.

Here are five of my favorites…

16. Dracula’s infamous line “I never drink wine” was not in the book or the stage play. However, after it became popular from the film, it was added to the dialogue of the stage play.

20. Several scenes in the script described fangs for Dracula, however Lugosi never wears them. Even though the Count in Nosferatu had fangs, the vampires from the early Universal films did not have them.

25. Originally, Stoker planned to call the title character Count Vampyr. However, he stumbled upon the history of Vlad Tepis and his name Dracula (meaning “son of the Devil”).

32. The shot of Renfield crawling at the fainted maid is not as sexual or violent as it first appears. In fact, he is trying to catch a fly that has landed on her. This was edited out of the English-language version but left in the Spanish-language one.

34. Originally, Lugosi was not considered for the role in the film. Trade papers suggested Conrad Veidt (the sleepwalker in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). The studio wanted Lon Chaney, and they ended up offering him a three-picture deal which included a talkie sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. However, Chaney died before this could be done. After several other considerations, Lugosi got the role with a $500 per week salary.

Mignola’s “Frankenstein Underground”

Mike Mignola [Hellboy] is going to write a five issue Frankenstein mini-series for Dark Horse comics.  Mignola says…

“This version of the Frankenstein monster has the same thirst for knowledge readers will remember from Mary Shelley’s novel… I’m trying to do something that’s true to the origin Mary Shelley created for the creature but also captures a bit of the feel that Boris Karloff brought to the role in the classic Universal films.”

Mignola’s mini-series will called Frankenstein Underground and will be part of his Hellboy universe.

Source: Outer Places.

Behold, Every Horror On TV This October!

October is a great month for horror movie fans.  So many horror/monster movies are shown it is almost impossible to keep up with them all.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would compile a listing to simplify our lives?

Joe Reid did and The Atlantic published it – Behold, Every Horror On TV This October!

More Walking and Talking Dead!

The card above says all you need to know!

10 Frightening Pre-Code Horror Movies You Need to Watch

With Halloween rapidly approaching it was a good time for Buzzfeed to post 10 Frightening Pre-Code Horror Movies You Need to Watch by Stacey Grant91.

I’ve seen seven of the ten, but that still leaves Dr. X,  The Mask of Fu Manchu  and Murders in the Zoo  that I need to give a go.

I’ll bet Chris Mills and a few other regular readers have seen them all.

Boris Karloff’s Daughter Speaks!

Fans of horror movies, especially classic horror films will want to check out Do You Remember’s Exclusive interview with Boris Karloff’s daughter.

She talks about growing up the daughter of a Hollywood icon, how he felt about the horror genre, his favorite role and more.  It is definitely worth a read.

Ed Wood’s “The Day the Mummy Returned”

Ed Wood the (in)famous director of Plan 9 From Outer Space  is credited with creating some of the worst movies ever.  I find his films more watchable than many, but mainly because they’re bad in a fun way.

Did you know that Ed Wood also wrote short stories?  Wood did.  They mostly appeared in, uh, men’s magazines that last about as long as Wood’s movies did in theaters.

BoingBoing recently posted Ed Wood’s The Day the Mummy Returned.   It should give you an idea of Wood’s writing style.  As for me, I prefer his movies.

“Race with the Devil” and You Better be Fast as Hell!

l saw Race with the Devil  when it first hit theaters in June of 1975.  I was almost driving age and so a movie about two couples on the run [in fast vehicles - cars, motorcycles and even a travel trailer] from satanists was perfect viewing.  I loved the movie.

Years later when I saw it again I was surprised that it didn’t hold up as well.  Still, it had enough moments to make it fun.  Race with the Devil  is a perfect drive-in movie.

“The Walking Dead” New Teaser Trailer

Here’s the teaser for the new season of The Walking Dead!

“Chamber of Horrors” with Fear Flasher & Horror Horn

I remember when I first saw Chamber of Horrors.   It was on television.  I was a kid, like most, who loved monster movies.  The title was enough to suck me in.

“Chamber of Horrors.”


“A one-handed madman uses various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he believes have wronged him.”

Ok.  Deal me in.

The movie began and we learned that the motion picture contained scenes so terrifying that there would be a “Fear Flasher” and a “Horror Horn” to warn the audience to look away.


The opening scene had Patrick O’Neal force a Reverend to marry him to a corpse!  Wha —  What?!?

Not long after, O’Neal chopped off his own hand to escape the law.  He then returned with a detachable hook and other instruments of pain to exact revenge!

Although Chamber of Horrors  sounds gruesome, keep in mind it was on regular tv.   I loved it.

What kid wouldn’t?

I watched Chamber of Horrors  years later and it was still fun… although not nearly as scary as I remembered it.  I’ve embedded a taste below.

You know, I’ll bet if Chamber of Horrors  was remade it would do good business… and be a lot grosser.

“The Walking Dead”: Hunt or be Hunted

Earlier this week AMC released the teaser poster for season five of The Walking Dead which starts next month.  If you’d like to see a larger version of the poster you can thanks to Coming Soon.

“Monsters Dark Continent” – Now I’m Interested!

I saw the original Monsters  [2010] and was disappointed.  Perhaps that’s why Monsters Dark Continent  wasn’t on my radar… until I saw the two trailers below.

Now I’m interested!