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Two Posters & a Trailer for “Sky Sharks”

Now we have two posters and a trailer for, I kid you not, Sky Sharks.  I would normally say this is doomed to flop, but then I remember there have been about a billion movies about Sharknadoes.

Directed by Marc Fehse

After an arctic research team discovers a long-lost Nazi warship, they inadvertently unleash the Third Reich’s unknown secret weapon: Sky Sharks.

“Godzilla vs Kong” – The Poster is Here!

Above we have the Godzilla vs Kong poster and it is a good one.  I’m a King Kong fan.  Not so much for Godzilla.  I did like the most recent versions of the big lizard, so I’m leaning towards seeing Godzilla vs Kong.  We’ll know more once we see the trailer which drops this Sunday.  In the mean time, feel free to click on the poster above to get a, uh, Godzilla sized version.

Syfy’s “Day of the Dead” Limited Series Ties into the Romero Classic and Sounds Great!

John Squires at Bloody Disgusting broke the story that Syfy’s Day of the Dead Series Will Have Some Ties to George Romero’s Original Classic.  This is great news for Romero fans.  Not only will the 10 episode limited series tie in to Romero’s film, but will focus on…

 …six strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion.

The thing I love about the best zombie (or any apocalyptic) movies is the interplay between strangers trying not only to figure out what is going on, but also how to best survive.  As you can guess, I’m looking forward to Day of the Dead.

For more details click over to Syfy’s Day of the Dead Series Will Have Some Ties to George Romero’s Original Classic at Bloody Disgusting.

The “Goodbye, Butterfly” Trailer is Here!

The Goodbye, Butterfly trailer sets up an interesting movie.  How far would you go to punish the man you believe killed your child… and what if you’ve targeted an innocent man?

After his five-year-old daughter is murdered, a loving family man becomes convinced that the oddball down the street is guilty.

Starring Adam Donshik, Andy Lauer, Marie Burke, Angela Sauer, Addison Ross, Jennifer Adam, Jeremy London. Directed by Tyler Wayne.

Goodbye, Butterfly will be released in theaters, on Digital, and VOD on January 15, 2021.

Joe Dator’s Rediscovering “Columbo”

Over the last year I’ve posted about my wife’s and my renewed interest and love for Columbo starring Peter Falk.  Because the series is so popular it appears on several networks daily which makes recording episodes easy. My wife and I have been working our way through every episode.  Joe Dator is doing the same thing.

Joe Dator is an accomplished cartoonist whose work can regularly be found in The New Yorker, often be found in Mad Magazine and Esquire and believe it or not, at his personal website.  Joe was a winner of The National Cartoonists Society’s 2018 Silver Reuben Award.

I tell you all of this as a way of introduction into Joe Dator’s Rediscovering “Columbo” in 2020.  The cartoon strip first appeared in The New Yorker last October, but can be seen in full at Joe’s website.  I agree with everything Joe says about the joys of watching Columbo.  The one thing I would add is that while Columbo’s first name is never spoken it does appear to eagle-eyed viewers when Columbo shares his ID in a few episodes.

Dave Stevens’ Vintage Rocketeer Print!

I strongly encourage you to click over to The Bristol Board to see a much bigger and better version of the Dave Stevens’ 20th Anniversary Rocketeer print shown above.  Stevens’ Rocketeer comics were a love letter to old time movie serials and movies, Bettie Page, Rondo Hatton and more.  They were beautifully drawn, fun stories.   It’s hard to believe that the 20th Anniversary print is almost 20 years old itself. 

Click over and enjoy Dave Stevens’ artistry!

RIP: Peter Mark Richman

Peter Mark Richman died yesterday at the age of 93 from natural causes.  Richman was an accomplished actor who appeared in feature films, television and on Broadway, an author who wrote plays, short stories and novels, and an artist.  Talk about being a Renaissance Man.

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve seen Peter Mark Richman perform, even if you don’t recognize his name.  Richman has 159 credits on his IMDb resume.  I remember him best from the classic Twilight Zone episode The Fear, but that was one of well over 100 appearances Peter Mark Richman made on television.  In addition to Cain’s Hundred (which he starred in), you could see Richmond regularly show up on tv shows starting in the 1960s through the 1990s.  He had reoccurring roles on Longstreet, Three’s Company, Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, and guest appearances on just about every other major television show.  

 Richman’s features films include The Strange One, Black Orchid, Naked Gun 2 and Friday the 13th, Part 8, and Vic (a short film co-written and directed by Sage Stallone).  Starting the in the 1990s, Richman began doing voice work for Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series.  

Mr. Richman appeared on Broadway, had several of his one-act plays, novels and short stories published.  He also had 17 one-man exhibitions of his paintings.  

Peter Mark Richman was married to his wife, Helen for 67 and they have five children.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Peter Mark Richman’s family, friends and fans.  What an amazing creative life he led.

“Payback” (2021) – The Poster and Trailer are Here

Ok, here we have the poster and trailer for Payback

The title Payback is a good one, but it has been used before and may not get the attention a new movie needs. 

The poster is generic at best.  The tagline, “He’s waited eight years to settle the score” doesn’t sound like whatever was done to him required/deserved immediate payback.  Since there’s nothing in the poster to indicate he’s been in prison, maybe it’s just that he’s lazy.

The trailer is where things pick up.  It’s not great but it did get me interested in seeing Payback.  Keep in mind, I love crime flicks, so your mileage may vary.

Mike Markovich, a young stockbroker at a Mob-controlled Wall Street firm, is betrayed and imprisoned for six years. When he is released, his deadly quest for vengeance begins.

Director: Joseph Mensch
Writers: Metin Aksoy and Joseph Mensch
Cast: Matt Levett, Anna Baryshnikov, Toby Leonard Moore
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment

“Adverse” – 2 Posters, 2 Trailers and 2 Different Vibes for the Same Film. Let’s Take a Look!

We have two posters and two trailers for Adverse.  Let’s take a look at each, because although they’re for the same movie, they give off a different vibe.

The first poster above has a pretty generic crime movie feel.  We have the heads of the stars photoshopped into the main figure.  The cast should be a selling point, but their names don’t really stand out due to the colors of the font and the poster’s background.

The poster above works much better.  Although you lose the headshots of Mickey Rourke and Penelope Ann Miller, the names of the cast (and their awards/nominations) show up much better and are more impressive.  The main shot of the guy with a crow bar is a medium shot with the city in the background, making him look less heroic and more like an “everyman”.  The photoshopped face of the young girl (his daughter) let’s us know what he is fighting for.  FInally, the film festival logos adds a bit of prestige to the movie.  This is my favorite of the two posters.

Let’s look at each trailer.

Trailer 1 above and 2 below

Okay.  Have you watched both?  If so, which did you prefer?

I liked the first one much better than the second.  The first had a good crime movie vibe.  The music was menacing and the pace of the trailer made it feel like the movie would move.  This is a film I want to see.

The second trailer’s vibe was more of a Lifetime movie.  I didn’t care for the music used or the way the trailer set up the film.  It left me feeling like it would be a movie I might watch if there was nothing else on.

Amazing how the same film can be sold two different ways.  I wonder which trailer best represents the final film.  I do like the cast and hope the movie aligns with the first trailer.  We shall see.

“Bliss” Staring Owen Wilson & Salma Hayek – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

The Bliss poster and trailer are here.  I like Wilson, Hayek and the Matrix vibe, so I’ll check out Bliss.

An unfulfilled man (Owen Wilson) and a mysterious woman (Salma Hayek) believe they are living in a simulated reality, but when their newfound ‘Bliss’ world begins to bleed into the ‘ugly’ world they must decide what’s real and where they truly belong.

“Cliffhanger” and Extreme Ghana Movie Poster Art!

I like this Cliffhanger poster art way more than I should.  For some reason it works for me despite Sly’s wonky left arm and hand, his right hand showing only three fingers and a thumb and the likeness being close, but no cigar.  Heck, they even made Cliffhanger into two words.  Yet, I still like the overall effect of the poster.

If you’re wondering, the poster was used to promote Cliffhanger in Ghana.  The posters were painted on cloth and, – well, let’s have Sly Stallone explain.  Before you click on the video of Sly, thanks to  “Bobby Klump” for the post on my StalloneZone forum of the Ghana Cliffhanger and other movie posters.  Thanks also to “Foodfather” (also a SZoner) for finding and sharing the Stallone video explaining the poster.  Finally, if you want to know more about Ghana movie posters – check out Extreme Canvas: Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana.