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11 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin is one of our most interesting founding fathers.  Did you know…

Franklin was a such a great swimmer that he received a posthumous induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1968!  He also invented swim fins [worn on the hands].

Franklin began masquerading as women at the age of 16 – in letters written to his brother James’ newspaper.  James was not amused when he found out that Silence Dogood’s [“a middle-aged widow with sharp, satirical wit”] letter were actually written by his kid brother.

Ben Franklin never said he wanted a turkey, and not the bald eagle, on our national seal. Franklin did try to cook a turkey using electric current but ended up shocking himself numb.

You’ll learn more about the Franklin facts above and a lot more if you click over to 11 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Benjamin Franklin presented by Mental_Floss.

What Song Will Be Played at Your Funeral?

It was determined that the song for my memorial would be We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

Some of the lyrics from “We’ll Meet Again” that will be about your life: “They’ll be happy to know / That as you saw me go / I was singin’ this song”

When people hear this song at your funeral, they will know you wanted them to celebrate your life and feel at ease about your passing. Your life will have been spent caring for others and being optimistic, so they will follow your lead.

We’ll Meet Again is bit old fashioned but I think the theme is right.  If you want to have some fun, take the quiz and determine the song for you!

Source: PlayBuzz.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Elvis Presley

Eddie Deezen recently presented 10 Facts You May Not Know About Elvis Presley.  Here are my three favs from the list…

5. He wanted to make guest appearances on Laugh-In and Hee Haw.
Elvis was an inveterate TV watcher.He enjoyed watching many popular television shows in the ’60s and ’70s.

He actually thought about making cameo appearances on both Laugh-In and Hee Haw. He thought he could do a brief cameo on Laugh-In when he rode a tricycle, incognito. It never happened.

6. He didn’t know the Beatles by name.
In 1965, the celebrated formal meeting of Elvis and the Beatles took place at Elvis’ house in Bel Air. Since Elvis had no idea which Beatle was which, during the meeting, he addressed each one as “Beatle,” instead of using their first names.

1. He was pals with Clint Eastwood.
Elvis and Clint Eastwood used to see each other around the studio they both worked at in the mid-60’s. According to Clint: “I was always wearing a gun. (Elvis) loved to do fast draws and stuff, so we always did fast draws together.”

“I liked him. He seemed like a good guy. Had a lot of guys hanging around, big entourage.”

 Source: Neatorama.

15 Fun Facts for “Young Frankenstein”

Young Frankenstein, despite turning 40 years old this year, remains one of the funniest movies of all time.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of Young Frankenstein, Mental_Floss presents 15 Fun Facts for Young Frankenstein’s 40th Anniversary by Marc Mancini.

Here are my three favorite facts…


Like Alfred Hitchcock, Brooks usually gave himself a part in his own films, from Blazing Saddles’ loopy governor to the wine-selling Rabbi of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. These characters regularly broke the fourth wall and “winked” at the audience, something Wilder felt would clash with Young Frankenstein’s tone. So, as a condition of his taking on the lead role, Wilder made Brooks agree to remain off-camera.

However, the director did provide some howling


Taking his feature-length tribute to the next level, Brooks included much of the faux labequipment used in that earlier picture.



According to the movie’s Blu-Ray commentary, Hackman—who’d been thrice nominated for an Academy Award (and won one in 1971)—learned about Young Frankenstein through his frequent tennis partner Wilder and requested a role. Ultimately, ‘Harold’—the lonely blind character he briefly portrayed—sparked one of the most memorable sequences in comedic history.

22 Things You Might Not Know About The Breakfast Club

Kate Erbland gives us 22 Things You Might Not Know About The Breakfast Club.

My two favorites…

08.  Emilio Estevez was originally slated to play Bender, but Hughes couldn’t find anyone else who was right for the Andrew role, so Estevez ultimately switched and the Bender gig went to Judd Nelson.

10. Other actresses that could have played Claire [Molly Ringwald’s part]? Robin Wright, Jodie Foster, and Laura Dern, who all auditioned for the part.

Source: Mental_Floss.

39 Things We Learned from the Banned “Dr. No” Commentary

Film School Rejects presents 39 Things We Learned from the Banned “Dr. No” Commentary  by Kevin Carr.  Here are five of my favorites…

1. The iconic James Bond theme was not in the original picture. The score had “Underneath the Mango Tree” as Bond’s theme, and Young thought “that’s a really stupid idea” because eventually they would make a James Bond movie without mango trees. John Barry was referred to him, and he wrote the recognizable theme without even seeing the film.

7. It took ten takes of Bond tossing his hat onto the coat tree to get the shot. In later films, Connery became good enough to hit the mark on the first try.

23. When the Three Blind Mice try to assassinate Bond in the parking lot, Hunt did not have a shot of the passing car’s headlight that distract them from following through because Young never shot it. In order ot make the shot work, Hunt flared the film on the actors in post production to show the flash of light.

31. Young discovered Ursula Andress in a pile of photographs on the desk of a producer. He asked if he could keep the photo and took it to Cubby Broccoli to find her for the role of Honey Ryder. They cast her primarily because of her looks and never had a formal audition or test of her acting ability.

34. Ursula Andress was overdubbed by actress Nikki Van der Zyl because her accent was too thick and the filmmakers could not understand all of her lines.