“Free Solo” / Z-View

Free Solo (2018)

Directors: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth, Chai Vasarhelyi

Stars: Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Chin and Sanni McCandless

The Pitch: “Alex Honnold plans to free solo climb Yosemite’s 3,000 ft high El Capitan and will let us film it!”

Tagline: Live Beyond Fear

The Overview: Beware of Spoilers…

Alex Honnold is one of the most skilled mountain climbers of all time.  His love of climbing has taken him to the best known and most dangerous peaks anywhere.  His ability to climb these  mountains has made him one of the very few professional climbers in the world.

Honnold often climbs “free solo” — without ropes or any safety gear.  Many of the best known free solo climbers have died, which isn’t surprising considering that any mistake that causes a fall is usually fatal.  Honnold plans to do what no one has ever done before – –  to free solo climb Yosemite’s 3,000 ft high El Capitan or die trying.

This documentary does an excellent job of introducing the audience to Honnold and his eccentricities.  Honnold’s personal quirks have cost him relationships but help with his focus and drive.  The film makers are tasked with presenting the climb and staying out of Honnold’s way.

Watching Honnold’s climb is scary, exhilerating and will leave you in awe at how close to the edge (literally and figuartively) free solo climbers live.  If you plan to watch I promise moments where you will push back away from the screen and find yourself wiping the sweat from your palms.


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