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Breaking In (2019)

Director: James McTeigue

Screenplay: Ryan Engle from a story by Jaime Primak Sullivan

Stars: Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Ajiona Alexus, Levi Meaden, Seth Carr and Mark Furze.

The Pitch: “Let’s turn Tim Lebbon’s novel into a movie.”

Tagline: Payback is a Mother.

The Overview:

After her father is killed in a hit-and-run, Shaun (Union) and her two children travel to his secluded house to prepare it to be sold.  Shortly after their arrival four criminals looking for a safe containing four million in cash show up.  The thugs take her children hostage, but Shaun is able to escape.  With no means of contacting anyone and the nearest help miles away, Shaun realizes she is her children’s only hope.

Gabrielle Union is extremely likable and believable as a mother looking to protect her children.  I was glad to see that they didn’t provide her with a martial arts, military or some other background with “special skills.”  She’s just a ticked off mom.

Breaking In is predictable in the broad strokes but there are a couple of unexpected surprises which make it a good way to spend an hour and a half.


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