Clubber Lang vs Ivan Drago?

Brian Okert at El Tech O posted the drawing above with these questions:

Why do ya think Clubber Lang never stepped up to fight Drago?  And if they did fight… How do ya think that would have gone?

First question first: We don’t know that they never fought.  Perhaps they did but the result never made it into the follow-up Rocky/Creed films.

I like to think that after Lang lost to Rocky, he was devastated.  Lang had been destroying opponents and thought he was unbeatable.  After Rocky knocked him out, Clubber went into a period of isolation and self-reflection. He met a woman who worked with troubled youth.  She didn’t follow sports or know Clubber was a boxer.  They developed a relationship and Clubber began to work with the kids in an effort to help turn their lives around.  Lang had enough money from fighting to retire and he did so he could live a peaceful life with her. (Based somewhat on George Foreman’s life after boxing.)

Second question: If Lang and Drago had fought, how would it have gone?  The outcome would, of course, depend on how Sly wanted to move the story forward.  No matter who won, Clubber or Drago, then it makes sense he would have continued to fight and we would have heard more about him in the Balboa/Creed movies.   Since there was no mention of either fighting again, I think it is safe to assume they never fought.  But if they did fight, I’d give the edge to Drago… although Clubber would have always had a puncher’s chance.

Your thoughts?