Cool “Dreamland” Poster Turns Out to be Made by a Fan!

Last week I shared the poster and trailer for Dreamland.  At that time I said,

The poster shows some imagination and the trailer ain’t bad either.

I just received the following text message:

Hi, I saw you posted about the new Dreamland trailer on your site. The Dreamland poster was actually made by me and it’s just a fan-made poster! It’s not the official one, just thought you should know 😂 – @Nicole

How cool is that?  Regular readers here know how often we complain about the lack of originality of new movie posters.  Then we get one that shows a cool sense of design and breaks from the pack… and it turns out to be made by a fan!  I hope the company putting out the movie gets a look at what Nicole Baroudi has done and perhaps uses (and pays her for) her version!

If you’d like to see more from Nicole, here’s her website.

Thanks Nicole for letting us know.  Hopefully we’ll see more awesome poster designs from you in the future.