John Wick by Patrick Brown!

The awesome John Wick art above is just a detail from a larger piece created by Patrick Brown who had this to say about the piece…

I’ve always wanted to do a John Wick piece, and Keanu is such a gem, it’s nice to finally finish a picture based on my fave movie franchise. Thanks to all my supporters over at my Patreon, who helped make this happen, I had so much fun with it.

If you’d like to get access to the high-res art, Photoshop docs, tutorials and more you can find it all on my Patreon. Link in bio:  I’m doing a bunch over there and we have a great art community happening.

If you would like to see Patrick’s full John Wick piece plus his step-by-step process, then click here.  I strongly suggest you check out Patrick’s Instagram to see much more of his art!