The Black Terror: Seduction of Deceit Week: Day 1

One of my all time favorite comics is “The Black Terror: Seduction of Deceit” written by Beau Smith & Chuck Dixon with art by Dan Brereton.  “The Black Terror: Seduction of Deceit” was a three issue mini-series published by Eclipse Comics in 1989/1990.  Beau Smith described the story as “hardboiled, psychological and pulp-like” and Brereton’s painted […]

Comics Deserving Hardback Collections

Ol’ Groove from Diversions of the Groovy Kind posted his choices for 10 Groovy Age Comics That Need To Be Collected. One of his choices was The Best of Marvel Premiere.  Monark Starstalker created, written and drawn by Howard Chaykin appeared in issue 32.  Another Chaykin creation, Dominic Fortune, appeared in issue 56. This got me to thinking […]

AC Comics @ FX

If you’re planning to attend the FX show in Orlando next month [January 28th -30th], in between getting autographs from movie and tv stars and sketches from comic artists; you may just want to try and get yourself one of the exclusive toys and collectibles available only at the FX Show! My buddy, “Wild” Bill […]