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21 Things You Might Not Know About “Justified”

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Justified is my current favorite tv show so I was glad to read 21 Things You Might Not Know About Justified.

Here are my three favorite of the facts listed…


Before his passing, Leonard was very vocal about being a fan of Justified—particularly with the way that Olyphant interpreted the character of Raylan. In 2012, The Wall Street Journal asked Leonard whether the series had influenced the way he visualized the character in his writing, to which he responded: “No, because Tim Olyphant plays the character exactly the way I wrote him. I couldn’t believe it. He’s laidback and he’s quiet about everything, but he says, if I have to pull my gun, then that’s a different story. And it works. There are very few actors that recite the lines exactly the way you hear them when you’re writing the book. George Clooney [in the 1998 movie Out of Sight] was one. He was very good.”


James LeGros got there first, playing Raylan Givens in the 1997 TV movie adaptation of Pronto. And LeGros has popped up on Justified, too: In 2011, he began a recurring role as small-potato criminal Wade Messer.


In order to be the coolest guy in the room, Olyphant claims that he just acts as Sam Elliott might. The irony, of course, is that Elliott will star as one of the final season’s bad guys. “On his first day of work, I took [Sam] aside and said, ‘Look, buddy, here’s the deal: Raylan is really just me trying to be you and failing miserably,” Olyphant joked to Rolling Stone.

Source: Mental_Floss.

Raylan Givens is Justified

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I won’t debate whether Justified is the best show on tv.  There’s just too much competition [Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, The Black List, etc.] to quibble over first place.  I will say if Justified isn’t the best show, it isn’t number 3.

I would argue that Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant] is the coolest character on tv.  Speaking of Raylan and Olyphant, did you see this interview in Rolling Stone about both of them?

Justified Three Times Over

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If you’re not watching it, you should give it a go. If it’s not my favorite show it’s definitely in the top 3 [Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are right there, too].   The new season starts in January, but FX has released three new teasers to get our attention,

The first teaser is the weakest of the three, but still makes me want more.  The second teaser is my favorite.  The third teaser is the most creative in that it makes you think one thing and then realize that you’re totally wrong… the third teaser also hints at what could be a major plot point of the third season.

Justified / Walking Dead: Bring ‘Em Home

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If you’re a fan of Justified, then you may be interested in a the great bargain that Amazon is offering on Season OneThe complete first season on blu-ray is only 21.99 [56% off the retail price] and the regular dvd for the complete first season is just 19.99.

While we’re on the subject of excellent tv shows which are coming to dvd, let’s not forget that The Walking Dead: Season 1 dvd drops on March 8th.  Since season 2 won’t start until the fall, there’s a strong possibility that “Dead Heads” are going to want to pick up this one to ease their wait.

A 2nd Season is Justified

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Yippee!  FX has ordered a second season [13 episodes] of the new fan favorite series Justified.  That news has made my day.  From The Hollywood Reporter:

“We are very excited about the tremendous, widespread acclaim that Justified has received from both audiences and television critics,” said FX president and GM John Landgraf.  “Graham Yost, Tim Olyphant, Elmore Leonard and their talented partners have crafted a uniquely ambitious and entertaining series which is everything we aspired to when we developed the show.”

Click here to read the full post.

Elmore Leonard Feels Justified

Posted in Books, Crime, and TV just posted a piece titled Elmore Leonard: Justified Gets It Just Right.  I’m happy that Elmore Leonard, who wrote the novella that the series is based on, is as happy with the show as the rest of us [on the night it premiered it ranked No. 1 on cable in overall viewers and in its time slot beat the broadcast networks among men 18-to-49].  I was was even happier to learn that…

…Leonard has begun work on a new Raylan Givens story which he hopes might inspire plots for the show’s second season, if FX renews the series… And if they don’t, Leonard says he will pen a couple more Raylan stories and publish a collection.

You can read the whole piece by clicking here and learn more about Justified here.

A Lawman by Another Name is Justified

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Last August I posted about a tv show called Lawman that would premiere in 2010.  At that time I said that it looked interesting enough to make me want to tune in.  Well, tomorrow night that will happen.  Although the title of the show has been changed, my feelings about it haven’t.

The series is now called Justified and is based on an Elmore Leonard novella called Fire in the Hole.   So at 10pm, I’ll tune in to FX hoping that my feelings are, uh, justified.

Karl Slominski Interview at 11 O’Clock Comics

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The Mister Monster piece above was created as a commission for some lucky person at HeroesCon 2017 by Karl Slominski.  I met Karl for the first time at the same convention because I had requested Karl’s take on Jack Carter and John Wick (which will be posted in the near future).

When I picked up the sketch, my buddies LittleJohn and Mike Cross were with me.  They both liked my sketch so much they commissioned sketches of their own.  LittleJohn got John Wick and John McClane, while Mike asked for Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) and Maggie (Adrienne Barbeau).

This encouraged me to go back for another “Jack Carter and…” sketch, this time getting Carter and Raylan Givens from Justified.  I post that in the near future as well.

At any rate, Karl is the subject of an interview at 11 O’Clock Comics.  Check it out!

 ‘Dracula’: 7 Things A Series About the World’s Most Famous Vampire Should Have

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A new tv series based on Dracula is in the work.  Seems there has been a lot of grumbling from fans worried about the potential success of a new series based on the infamous Count…

…these concerns aren’t unjustified — Dracula-centered television shows are notoriously short-lived, and while there are a multitude of shows centered around the supernatural, there aren’t that many dedicated to the main vamp himself. NBC took a stab at it in 2013 with “Dracula,” a British-American horror drama… Though promising, the series only lasted one season.

Gabrielle Kiss and IndieWire came up with ‘Dracula’: 7 Things A Series About the World’s Most Famous Vampire Should Have.  Here are the three that I think are most important…

5. Make Dracula a Bit Ruthless
Rumor has it that Dracula was based off of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, better known as Vlad the Impaler. It’s said that Vlad Dracula (meaning son of the dragon, or son of the devil) would dip chunks of bread into buckets of blood drained from the people he killed, usually after he invited them to a feast and then immediately impaled them at the dinner table (he always finished his dinner afterwards, bodies and all, in case you were wondering). So it would be nice if that same sense of ruthlessness could be brought to the new adaptation of “Dracula.” There’s no rule that states you can’t be suave and merciless (just ask Klaus Mikaelson of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”).  (I agree.  Dracula didn’t become King of the Vampires and live as long as he did without being ruthless.  He’s a vampire!)

6. Give Him a Sense of Humor
Speaking of “The Originals,” let’s bring in some of that dark humor and wit that makes characters like Klaus Mikaelson a baddie that we love to hate (but just can’t). That same natural charisma and use of offhanded sardonic remarks should be applied to our newest Dracula, because that’s what the audience connects to. It’s also what keeps people coming back for more, everyone needs a tension breaker once in awhile. (His sense of humor should arise from the fact that he’s amusing himself.  Saying things and making jokes not for others but his own amusement.  He believes himself to be above mere humans.  So it will be very interesting when a human catches his innuendo and responds.  Dracula will know he’s perhaps met his match.)

3. Tell the Original Story
While a lot of vampire stories have spawned from the original “Dracula,” there haven’t been nearly as many that actually tell Dracula’s story. Bring back characters like Jonathan Harker and Van Helsing! They don’t have to share the spotlight with Dracula, but they’re relatively new characters to the younger generation, and they would help inspire interesting plot points for the new show (something the previous “Dracula” series lacked).  (While I go back on forth on the era – modern or 1890’s, I do believe that the original story, even if slightly modified should be the basis for the series.)

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