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Ron Salas’ 100 Bullets Pin-Up Piece!

Ron Salas posted this on Twitter this morning and throughout the day I kept thinking about the amazing job that he did.  100 Bullets was a crime comic written by Brian Azzarello with art by Eduardo Risso.  Dave Johnson provided the covers.  The series won multiple awards for excellence and remains one of my favorite comics.  Ron’s piece is an excellent tribute.

I’ve known Ron for years and am lucky enough to have several Stallone sketches from him.  You can see more of his art by following Ron Salas on Twitter.  You won’t be disappointed.

NEWBURN – New Crime Comic from Zdarsky & Phillips is Coming!

Newburn is a new crime comic series coming from Chip Zdarsky (writer) and Jacob Phillips (artist).  Here is the first issue synopsis…

EASTON NEWBURN is a private detective without loyalties, investigating conflicts between rival crime factions while collecting enemies along the way. In this DEBUT ISSUE, a man is murdered after stealing from his own mafia family, but they aren’t the ones who ordered the hit…

Below is a page from the first issue which drops November 3rd from Image Comics.  If you’d like to see more preview pages you can.  As for me, I’ve seen enough.  Deal me in.

Marv by Alex Maleev and We Need More SIN CITY!

Marv, created by Frank Miller for his Sin City yarns, is one of my all-time favorite comic characters.  If you follow Alex Maleev on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen his riff on ole Marv.  Even so, the art is so good it is worth another look.

Frank Miller is the writer, artist and letterer on all of his Sin City tales.  I get it.  Sin City is his baby.  When I see cool art like Maleev’s Marv, I wish that Miller would oversee a new Sin City series with guest artists/writers.  If not something like that, then how about a pinup book with Sin City art by other talented artists.  C’mon, Mr. Miller.  We need more Sin City.

Crime Comics: What are the All-Time Most Influential?

Following up on yesterday’s list of 10 Essential Films from the American Neo-Noir Movement, it isn’t much of a stretch to turn our spotlight on crime comics.  Richard Keller at CBR compiled his list of The Most Influential Crime Comics Of All Time.  Keller’s list is a good one.  Before you click over, here are my thoughts on his selections and a few not on his list that are favorites of mine…

Dick Tracy As a kid I read Dick Tracy comic strips off and on.  As an adult I’ve read some Dick Tracy comics (notably those by Kyle Baker and Michael Avon Oeming), but Dick Tracy has never been a character I’ve held dear.  I wouldn’t mind someday reading some of the old Dick Tracy comic strips.

The Spirit:  Will Eisner’s The Spirit is considered one of the classic comics by nearly everyone.  Eisner’s work on The Spirit is cited as an influence by many, many great artists.  I’ve read and enjoyed a cross-section of The Spirit comics, but not nearly enough.  I need to remedy that. (Oh, and if all you know about Will Eisner’s The Spirit is the movie… you don’t know The Spirit.)

Crime Does Not Pay:  I’ve never read any of these comics as they were well before my time.  Perhaps I should try to find reprints.

True Crime Comics: Like Crime Does Not Pay, these comics were before my time and I’ve never read any.

Crime SuspenStories: Although also well before my time, I would like to read these EC comics.  I’ve toyed with getting the reprints but have never, uh, pulled the trigger.  I should.

Sin City: As most of you probably know, Frank Miller’s Sin City comics are my favorite series of all-time.  If you like film noir, Mickey Spillane, tough mugs and sexy dames, then these are the comic yarns for you!

Sam & Twitch:  I’ve never read any Sam & Twitch comics.  Reading Keller’s write-up, I need to change that. 

100 Bullets:  A classic crime comic where the story was a great as the art.  I loved that it was always scheduled for 100 issues and when the story was told, the comic ended… at 100 issues.

Powers:  Where the focus is on the cops in a world of super-heroes.  I’m a fan.

Stumptown:  I haven’t read the comics.  That needs to change.

Keller’s list provided me with some crime comics I need to track down.  Here are a few I’d recommend that didn’t make his list…

The Black Terror, Seduction of Deceit written by Charles Smith, Beau Dixon, with art by Daniel Brereton.  If you liked The Godfather and the tv series Wiseguy then this is for you!

Scalped written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by R. M. Guéra,  Scalped is a modern day western where organized crime has moved onto a fictional Indian Reservation.  

Gravedigger written by Christopher Mills with art by Rick Burchett.  Sadly there are only two Gravedigger tales, but they should be in every crime comic fan’s collection.  The stories are collected in the trade Gravedigger: Hot Women and Cold Cash.  

Reckless: Destroy All Monsters by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips Now Available for Pre-order.

The next graphic novel in Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Reckless series. Destroy All Monsters, is now available for pre-order.

Bestselling crime noir masters Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips bring us a new original graphic novel starring troublemaker-for-hire Ethan Reckless.

It’s 1988 and Ethan has been hired for his strangest case yet: finding the secrets of a Los Angeles real estate mogul. How hard could that be, right? Only what starts as a deep dive into the life of a stranger will soon take a deadly turn, and find Ethan risking everything that still matters to him.

Another smash hit from the award-winning creators of RECKLESS, PULP, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, CRIMINAL, and KILL OR BE KILLED — and a must-have for all Brubaker and Phillips fans!

I can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

Top 10 Hitmen from Movies, Novels & Comics!

I was reading a discussion between Andy Rausch and Michael Gonzales titled HOW TO WRITE A MEMORABLE HIT MAN: A CONVERSATION AMONG CONNOISSEURS.  If you’re a crime fiction fan, especially the sub genre of hitmen, then you’d enjoy the post by Michael Gonzales.

At the end of the article Gonzales listed his Top Ten Hitman List from popular culture.  It’s a good list, so I decided to come up with one of my own (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Arthur Bishop played by Charles Bronson in The Mechanic
  2. Jackie Coogan played by Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly
  3. John Rain written by Barry Eisler from his Hitman Series
  4. John Wick played by Keanu Reeves in the John Wick movies
  5. Keller written by Lawrence Block from his Hitman Series
  6. Leon played by Jean Reno in Leon aka The Professional
  7. Luca Torelli from the Torpedo Graphic Novels written by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and drawn by Jordi Bernet
  8. Michael Sullivan played by Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition based on the graphic novel written by Max Allan Collins and drawn by Richard Piers Rayner
  9. Robert Rath played by Sly Stallone in Assassins
  10. Vincent played by Tom Cruise in Collateral

“The Last Duel” directed by Ridley Scott; starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

I know movie fans will like this one.  We have the poster and trailer for The Last Duel directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Watch the new trailer for “The Last Duel” a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

Al Jaffee Appreciates His Fans as Much as They Appreciate Him!

Back in February I posted about something that Sam Vivano (former MAD magazine art director and friend of Al Jaffee) called The Jaffee Project.  Sam’s idea was to get friends and fans of Al Jaffee to send in birthday cards to celebrate Jaffee’s 100th birthday.  Al Jaffee was the artist who invented (and produced for decades) Mad Magazine‘s fold-in page as well as Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.  

I sent in a birthday card wishing Mr. Jaffee a happy 100th and thanking him for all of the smiles he brought to me and fans around the world with the art he produced art for Mad Magazine.  Little did I know Mr. Jaffee would present me with another smile.  I received the post card above yesterday.  What a cool gesture for Al Jaffee to respond to all of his fans.  I love it when someone you admire turns out to be worthy of the admiration.  

“Alien” by Alex Ogle

I really like everything about this Alien art by Alex Ogle.

First, it tells a story or at least makes you want to know what happened before and after what we see.  Second, Alex’s color choices are awesome.  They highlight the pen and ink work instead of drawing attention away from the foundation of the piece.

This art reminds me of a synthesis of Bernie Wrightson and Kyle Holtz, but is 100% Alex Ogle.  You can see more of Alex’s art at his Instagram page.

Howard Chaykin Interview by Michael Tisserand – A Must Read for All Chaykin Fans

Howard Chaykin is one of my all-time favorite comic creators.  Chaykin started as an assistant to Gil Kane, worked his way up to being an artist on lesser known titles, then some of the more popular characters including the first issues of Star Wars.  Along the way he began writing and drawing his own stories and he never looked back.

Chaykin’s comic stories are intelligent and assume the reader is as well.  He has a sense of humor and irony in every tale.  His work usually contains adult language and adult situations for which he does not apologize.  Comics aren’t just for kids.

Michael Tisserand conducted an interview with Howard Chaykin that explores Chaykin’s career and outlook on the path that led him to where he is today including the people and things that influenced him.  The interview is well worth a read.

“The Walking Dead”: The Final Season, Part 1. – The Teaser Trailer is Here!

Today we have the teaser for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Part 1.  I look forward to seeing how this series ends.  The Walking Dead is one of the tv series that I can say I was with from the start (and if all goes well) and saw every episode.  It’s been a fun ride.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 11 on Sunday, August 22.



The Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention Returns in September!

The Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention will return but at new location on September 18 and 19, 2021. It will now be held at the Tommy Lawrence Arena at the Volusia County Fair Grounds, 3150 E New York Ave, DeLand, Florida 32724.

In addition to new comic books, magazines, pulps, underground comix, original art, toys, action figures, POPs, Disney, and other collectibles for sale, fans will be able to meet comic book artists, writers, and creators. Guests include: Pat Broderick, Bill Black, Sergio Cariello, Jeff Whiting, Javier Lugo, Steve Conley and more to come.  There will even be a small press expo area!

If you can make it, I hope to see you there!

Gun Honey is Coming!

Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime are teaming up to present Gun Honey, a four issue mini series written by Charles Ardai (Hard Case Crime co-founder), with art by Ang Hor Kheng.  The series will premiere in September with variant covers by Bill Sienkiewicz (shown above), Robert McGinnis, Ang Hor Kheng,  Andrea Camerini, Kendrick Lim and Fay Dalton.  

The weapon you need, where you need it, when you need it – she’ll get it!

When a gun smuggled into a high-security prison leads to the escape of a brutal criminal, weapons smuggler Joanna Tan is enlisted by the U.S. government to find the man she set loose and bring him down!

If you’d like to see all the variant covers and more interior art, you can at