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“The Beta Test” – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

There are several different posters for The Beta Test available, but I liked the one above best.

“But Craig, it doesn’t look like a movie poster.  It looks like a fancy invitation.  It doesn’t list who stars in the movie, who directed it or the studio that made it.  How can this be the best poster?”

Watch the trailer below and then, like me, plan to check out the movie.  Oh, and then you’ll know why I picked the poster above as the best.  ; )

Shortly before his wedding, ruthless talent agent Jordan (Jim Cummings) receives a mysterious envelope offering no-strings-attached sex with a stranger in a hotel room. Initially amused, then intrigued, he becomes obsessed by the idea of a secret erotic adventure and impulsively accepts. But will he regret his choices when his meticulous, superficial world threatens to collapse under the weight of his burgeoning lies?

Kevin Wilson’s “Creature from the Black Lagoon” Alt Movie Poster!

To get the full beauty of Kevin Wilson’s Creature from the Black Lagoon print, you should click over to and see the larger version.  While you’re then you can even check out Wilson’s variant version.  I prefer the color one above, but your mileage may differ.  If you really dig the Creature from the Black Lagoon print, be advised that they go on sale today and there is a limited number available.

Do You Follow MAD Artist Tom Richmond? You Should!

If you’re a fan of Tom Richmond and follow his posts, you may have already seen this wonderful sketch of The Great One, Jackie Gleason.  If you don’t follow Mr. Richmond, this my opportunity to point you to his site where he regularly shares stories from his long career as a caricaturist, discusses his gig as a regular MAD magazine artist, answers questions from fans and posts his art.

Ron Salas’ 100 Bullets Pin-Up Piece!

Ron Salas posted this on Twitter this morning and throughout the day I kept thinking about the amazing job that he did.  100 Bullets was a crime comic written by Brian Azzarello with art by Eduardo Risso.  Dave Johnson provided the covers.  The series won multiple awards for excellence and remains one of my favorite comics.  Ron’s piece is an excellent tribute.

I’ve known Ron for years and am lucky enough to have several Stallone sketches from him.  You can see more of his art by following Ron Salas on Twitter.  You won’t be disappointed.

NEWBURN – New Crime Comic from Zdarsky & Phillips is Coming!

Newburn is a new crime comic series coming from Chip Zdarsky (writer) and Jacob Phillips (artist).  Here is the first issue synopsis…

EASTON NEWBURN is a private detective without loyalties, investigating conflicts between rival crime factions while collecting enemies along the way. In this DEBUT ISSUE, a man is murdered after stealing from his own mafia family, but they aren’t the ones who ordered the hit…

Below is a page from the first issue which drops November 3rd from Image Comics.  If you’d like to see more preview pages you can.  As for me, I’ve seen enough.  Deal me in.

“Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster” – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

I like the poster (dig that shadow) and trailer for Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster.  Deal me in!

Beginning just before his debut as Frankenstein’s creation, BORIS KARLOFF: THE MAN BEHIND THE MONSTER compellingly explores the life and legacy of a cinema legend, presenting a perceptive history of the genre he personified. His films were long derided as hokum and attacked by censors. But his phenomenal popularity and pervasive influence endures, inspiring some of our greatest actors and directors into the 21st Century – among them Guillermo Del Toro, Ron Perlman, Roger Corman & John Landis all of whom and many more contribute their personal insights and anecdotes.

Marv by Alex Maleev and We Need More SIN CITY!

Marv, created by Frank Miller for his Sin City yarns, is one of my all-time favorite comic characters.  If you follow Alex Maleev on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen his riff on ole Marv.  Even so, the art is so good it is worth another look.

Frank Miller is the writer, artist and letterer on all of his Sin City tales.  I get it.  Sin City is his baby.  When I see cool art like Maleev’s Marv, I wish that Miller would oversee a new Sin City series with guest artists/writers.  If not something like that, then how about a pinup book with Sin City art by other talented artists.  C’mon, Mr. Miller.  We need more Sin City.

“Night of the Animated Dead” – Retelling Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” – The Trailer is Here!

George Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead is one of my all-time favorite horror movies.  It spawned several Romero directed sequels as well as reboots and remakes with some being very good and some not.  I’ll leave it to you to decide where Night of the Animated Dead will fall.  I do wish the animation was more realistic.

Revisit George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic in an altogether unprecedented presentation as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Night of the Animated Dead, a new, star-studded animated recreation of the thriller coming September 21, 2021 to Digital and October 5, 2021 to Blu-ray Combo Pack & DVD.

In Night of the Animated Dead, siblings Barbara and Johnny visit their father’s grave in a remote cemetery in Pennsylvania when they are suddenly set upon by zombies. Barbara flees and takes refuge in an abandoned farmhouse along with stranded motorist Ben and four local survivors found hiding in the cellar. Together, the group must fight to stay alive against the oncoming horde of zombies while also confronting their own fears and prejudices.

Night of the Animated Dead features the voice talents of Josh Duhamel (Jupiter’s Legacy, Transformers) as Harry Cooper, Dulé Hill (The West Wing, Psych) as Ben, Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) as Barbara, James Roday Rodriguez (A Million Little Things, Psych) as Tom, Katee Sackhoff (The Mandalorian, Battlestar Galactica) as Judy, Will Sasso (MadTV) as Sheriff McClelland, Jimmi Simpson (Westworld) as Johnny and Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing) as Helen Cooper.

Executive Producers are Richard Potter (Diciembres), Thomas DeFeo (The Seventh Day) and Jamie Elliott (Fighting with My Family). Producers are Ralph E. Portillo, p.g.a. (Buddy Games), Robert Feldman, p.g.a. (Dr. Shroud) and Kevin Kasha (I Spit on Your Grave). Animation services were provided by Demente Animation Studio. The original Night of the Living Dead was written by George A. Romero (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead) and John Russo (The Majorettes, Santa Claws). Night of the Animated Dead was produced by Michael J. Luisi, p.g.a. (The Call, Oculus) and directed by Jason Axinn (To Your Last Death).

Drew Stuzan Interview!

Drew Struzan, one of the legends of movie poster art, was recently interviewed by Erik Sharkey for /  The interview is well worth a read.  If you click over you’ll find out about Drew Stuzan’s…

  • documentary
  • love of King Kong (and his take on who the real villain of the film is)
  • approach to poster art
  • favorite Star Wars movie
  • early art career
  • thoughts on the Indiana Jones films
  • plans for retirement

Before you click over, I want to highlight this exchange about Drew Struzan’s First Blood poster:

Erik Sharkey:  I always thought your artwork for the movie First Blood was a powerful poster of a single figure.

Drew Struzan:  Well, thank you. It’s a guy with a big gun, and the first thing we know is that he was in a war of some kind, but I want the image to be beautiful. I want it to be kind. I want it to be loving. Big tough guy with a big gun and bullets, how does that relate to what I’m saying? What’s the color in it? It’s basically a blue picture. And blue is the most comforting and loving color you can paint. Does it not look peaceful? I could have painted blood dripping from them, which a lot of movie posters have done, but that’s not what I paint. I want to make the world a better and more beautiful, peaceful, and kind place. So, you’ll see that in every picture I paint.