Frank Miller Staying Busy

Frank Miller had an interview up at

Frank Miller is THE MAN.

He can write [comics, and screenplays — I’d love to see
him take on a novel], draw, and direct. In this interview he talks a bit about efforts involving all three of this talents.

His latest project is Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder.

When I was real young, I liked the idea of Robin. He was cool… and not much older than me. When I got older, I saw the problems inherent with having a youngster fighting crime. Sure, it works if Robin is in his late-teens, or if you’re doing “Adam West”-type Batman stories, other than that you just have to suspend a little more disbelief.

So it’ll be interesting to see Miller‘s take on it. Another plus is that Jim Lee will be doing the art. Lee‘s work is sweet. Much of the interview is about Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, but Miller also talks about:

1] A Batman terrorist story that he’s writing, penciling and inking… and
2] He’s gearing up for Sin City 2… and
3] He’s going to write, pencil and ink another Sin City mini-series.

Yeah, the last two have left me smiling from ear to ear!