A Decade Later, Your Words Still Sting

Mike Hoffman is an artist who has strong opinions. Unfortunately most of what he posts are attacks on other artists that he considers hacks, no-talents, etc. Hoffman has been ranting about many of the biggest name artists in the comic business for several months now. Not only does he denegrate their talents, but at the same time he puffs up his own.

And it’s not that Hoffman lacks talent. He’s very good at what he does. And what he does is paint and draw in the style of Frazetta. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. Like anything, it is what it is.

Hoffman’s style has stirred up a lot of debate among fans and pros alike. Some love it, some hate it. At any rate, everyone has an opinion. And you know how opinionated Big Beatty is. Well, it seems that at some point in the last ten or fifteen years, Beatty said something that got under Hoffman’s skin. Well… it finally worked its way out in a a recent rant posted on his website:

And then there’s “Big” John Beatty, who went into a blind fury over my artwork way back in the 1990s. I’d post a pic of this moron here, but a Google search turns up almost nothing on this clown. Great career as an “inker” ya got going there, John!

John got wind of Hoffman’s comments and responded:

I’ve had a great career as an “inker” and enjoyed it for many years…now I’ve moved on to doing other work, which is of no interest to you, or many others so, I’ll leave it at that.

You’re a scary talent that comics and illustration will lose, but I’m sure your life, as mine, will continue on and hopefully for the better, as I can see staying in the business you are in is making your life practically unbearable…according to what I read in your weblog.

Your a great humorist and I enjoy your rants very much…really…I figure you are working towards a new career goal in commentary, instead of art for your future?

Anyway…big “ups” for the mention and for the memory that I must have left on you since you’ve been stewing about it since 1990. Finally got the balls to come out and say something in 2005?

I know that someone must scan all of your email due to the fact that you must have thin skin or something, so if this never does reach you, that’s fine too.

Have a great life outside of the USA and I hope this means that there really will be a “Hoffman International” once you and the family are outside of the country?

That is if you ever really leave instead of just talking a lot about it?

Best wishes-

I wonder what Beatty said that’s been bugging Hoffman for all these years…

I wonder if this is the last we’ve heard from the two of them…

But most of all I wonder if this means that I’ll never get a Hoffman Stallone sketch for my gallery.