A Blog By Any Other Name

My buddy, John Beatty has started up a new blog where he posts his art and thoughts on just about everything. The thing is that in the last three days he’s changed the blog’s name three times! The blog was first called, appropriately enough, Read Me First. Then it became XXL Artist… and now it’s Big Beatty’s Blog O’Rama.

It was kind of funny as we discussed possible names for the blog. Beatty liked the name Art Whore, but [fortunately] that was taken. BBB [Big Beatty’s Blog] was considered. So was Diary of a Fat Man: The Road to Less [a GREAT name for a blog about weight loss, but Beatty’s new blog isn’t, so the title was rejected].

Beatty also rejected some of my suggestions such as: Beatty Watches EthanSo You’re Bored Too? A New Name ComingAre You Looking At Me?… and settled on Big Beatty’s Blog O’Rama [a nod to his nickname and first web site].

My guess is that Big John has at least ONE more name change coming, so I saved the best suggestion for now. Since Beatty‘s blog is about nearly everything he could call it Beatty On Nearly Everything… BONE!

Uh… on second thought maybe that isn’t such a great name for his blog.

I’ll bet ZONERs can help come up with good names should the big guy decide a new one is needed!