Marvel Scores Two

Stephen King is teaming with Marvel Comics to create new adventures for characters from his best selling Dark Tower series. Jae Lee will illustrate the six issue limited series that will premiere in April 2006 and then be collected in a hardcover edition in time for the holidays

In related news, best selling author, David Morrell has signed with Marvel to write his first comic story. Morrell will take Captain America to Afghanistan… or will he?

Morrell is best known for creating Rambo, but he’s truly an author that doesn’t limit himself. He refuses to be pigeon-holed in one genre. Morrell has a “complex body of work that traverses the Horror, Espionage and Thriller genres” and his writing has been well-received in all of them. I have no doubt that his work in comics will as well.

There haven’t been many Marvel comics that I’ve read in recent years. I’ll definitely be checking King and Morrell‘s work though. I’ll bet that a lot of other comic fans… and more importantly, folks who don’t normally read comics will too.