Your Anger Angers Me

The news about a new Wild Bunch movie is making its way around the net and I’m really surprised about the anger some folks have about it being made.

Sure, I expected the usual, “Hollywood has run out of ideas” and the simple “this sucks” posts from those that are inclined to negative coments. What really gets me is the genuine anger some people seem to work up about a movie that has yet to start filming.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s an act… a rant to get people to read his posts… maybe it’s genuine. Either way, he’s not alone.

Some people always get offended when “classic” movies are remade. But what’s the fuss? I mean, really, what’s the fuss?

Sure, maybe the remake will suck. Some, maybe even most do. But sometimes they don’t and then we end up with a gem. I know it’s sacrilege, but I like the Dawn of the Dead remake better than the original… and I liked the original.

How many of you love these classics: The Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland or The Maltese Falcon? Anyone here looking forward to “King Kong”? Remake, remake and yep, re-make.

I could understand the anger if doing a remake somehow erased the original movie. Heck, I’d be upset myself, if it even changed the original. But a remake doesn’t. If anything, it may even bring a new audience to the original.

So if you want to get mad about something, why not get mad about terrorism, or pollution, or ineffective politicians or something that can make the world a better place.

All this anger about movies that haven’t even been made yet is enough to… well… to make a guy angry.