MegaCon: "I’m Not Wearing a @#$%# Costume!"

Here’s part one of my MegaCon report…

I arrived at the show early… early enough to be #2 in line. My good buddy, John Higashi had already claimed the #1 spot. We spent the time until the show opened looking at art, talking to other collectors as they arrived, playing “war” [at one point I had Higashi down to just two cards and he came back to take the lead… finally I begged for mercy and a stop to the madness].

When the show opened Higashi and I made a bee-line to Adam Hughes‘s table. Allison was trying to bring order to chaos. There was something like 22 dealers already in line before the doors opened. Higashi and I made the list as #1 and #2 for the “fan list.” We visited with Allison for a bit and then Higashi was off and I was in his wake… but before I scooted, I was able to set up a commission with Phil Noto!

Our next stop was Josh Middleton‘s table. Josh does great work, but it just wasn’t in the budget this time. Someday… I hope!

I then headed over to John Beatty and Alberto Ruiz‘s table. We were laughing and cutting up when James Howell walked by. I asked James if he wanted to take a walk around artist’s alley. He said, “Sure.”

So here we are strolling through artist’s alley. Talking to artists, checking out the folks in costumes, greeting other collector’s and just having a fun morning.

All of a sudden a guy steps in front of James and swings up his camera. James brings up his arms in a “What the heck are you doing gesture.” The guy lowers his camera and points at James. The guy then brings his camera up for a picture.

I’m looking at both of them wondering what the deal is when James suddenly yells, “I’m not in a @$%*%! costume.” Then it dawns on me. The guy thinks that James has come to the show dressed as Kevin Matchstick from Mage.

I bust out laughing which makes James turn a darker shade of red. James looks at me and says something to the effect of “He thought I was in a costume.” I’m fighting back the tears as I point to him and answer, “You are!”