Z-View: Punisher Annual (2009) #1 by Remender and Pearson

Punisher Annual (2009) #1  is a one-shot published by Marvel.

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jason Pearson
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Jason Pearson

“REMOTE CONTROL”  The Punisher faces his greatest challenge yet: Trapped in the throes of a hypnotic spell, Spider-Man’s gone psycho and he wants to grind Frank Castle’s bones to paste! And since Spidey’s not really to blame for his actions, Castle faces a dilemma: Fight (the only way he knows how) or die. Can the Punisher survive a bloodthirsty Wall-Crawler long enough to disconnect him from the control of the Dirty Dozen’s leaders, Letha and Lascivious? Super-star artist Jason Pearson joins regular series writer Rick Remender. Parental Advisory

*** Beware – spoilers may be found below ***

The Good

  • Remender and Pearson!
  • I like Pearson’s take on Spider-Man.

The Bad:

  • “I told you that goatee was ridiculous.”  Indeed.
  • This is not the Punisher that I prefer.  His motorcycle has a skull face on the front — is it his version of the Batcycle?
  • The Punisher with pumpkin grenades.
  • When Spidey is mind-controlled to kill the Punisher.
  • Spidey throwing the Punisher over a building.

The Ugly:

  • Mind-control mayhem at the wounded vets meeting.
  • The Punisher pushing a pinless pumkin grenade into a villain’s mouth.
  • When Spidey is mind-controlled that he is in love with the Punisher.


Punisher Annual (2009) #1

I’m a fan of both Rick Remender’s writing and Jason Pearson’s art but the Punisher Annual wouldn’t be the example I’d use of their best work.  Your mileage my differ.