Z-View: The Expendables #1 by Dixon and Polls

The Expendables #1 is part of a four-issue mini-series published by Dynamite Comics.

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Esteve Polls
Colorist: Marc Rueda
Cover Artist: Lucio Parrillo

After years of corruption, murder of American hostages, and betrayal of foreign policies, the US – with the help of other Nations who secretly put together a squad of their most highly trained military personal – will finally attempt to overthrow the dictator who has caused devastation in South America for over 20 years.
This is the story before the story…
Featuring the skillful scripting of Chuck Dixon, the masterful art of Esteve Pols and an incredible painted cover by Lucio Parrillo, Dynamite’s all-original Expendables comic features a story you won’t see on the big screen, serving as a prequel to the hottest action film of 2010!

*** Beware – spoilers may be found below ***

The Good

  • The Expendables in a comic prequel.
  • Barney: “Now I’m going to show how strong my kung fu is Yin.”   Yin: “Laying semtex is not a martial art.”  Barney: “It is the way I do it…”
  • How Barney deals with the gangbanger with a gun.
  • Cliffhanger on the last page — who wants to hire The Expendables and what is the nature of the secret assignment?

The Bad:

  • Gunar: “Everybody with a piece is out of bed and looking this way…”
  • When someone steals Barney’s 1956 Ford F-100.

The Ugly:

  • Gunar: “…and everybody has a piece.”
  • When Barney catches up to the folks who stole his 1956 Ford F-100.


The Expendables #1  would get a two star rating if I wasn’t such a Stallone/Expendables fan, but since I am…