Big Beatty, Mitch Hyman and the Infinity Toy and Comic Show

I spent the day yesterday with my buddy, John Beatty at the Infinity Toy and Comic Show in Orlando, Florida.  When Big John wasn’t selling prints of his art or signing autographs for fans, much of the day was spent conversing with Mitch Hyman [in the photo above].  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

The Infinity Toy and Comic Show had a nice turnout and some surprisingly great cosplayers [for such a small show].  The show was big enough that it took up three hotel meeting rooms — and that may have been the biggest downside.  I generally prefer one room for shows and my guess is most folks do as well.  That aside (and it is a small quibble), the Infinity Toy and Comic Show made for a fun day.  Of course hanging with Beatty and Hyman didn’t hurt either.