Shamrock Goes Out a Winner

Let’s get this clear from the start, Ken Shamrock lost the fight to Tito Ortiz. Shamrock was stopped in the first round and there was no controversy. Ortiz was clearly the victor.

How then, you might ask, can I title this post, “Shamrock Goes Out a Winner.”? Those of you that saw the fight, probably already know where I’m going with this; but in case you don’t, or you didn’t see the fight, let me explain.

Shamrock came prepared to fight. He was in great shape. When the fight started, Shamrock didn’t rush in. He had a plan. When he and Ortiz came together, Shamrock met him head on. Ortiz went for the big takedown, and Shamrock was able to hold him off… for a bit. When they went to the mat and Ortiz started to ground and pound, Shamrock stayed cool. Ortiz was just too strong. Finally punches began to come through Shamrock’s guard and the fight was stopped.

Ortiz jumped up and began to go into his after fight antics. He did the gravedigger thing that he does. When Shamrock started to come to the middle of the octogan for the announcement of the winner, he reached out to shake Tito’s hand. Instead Ortiz began to flip off Shamrock with both of his hands. In the post fight interview Ortiz made sure to point out that he was wearing a “Punishing Him into Retirement” shirt and then gave the webstie where fans could buy one of their own.

Normally these antics would have sent Shamrock into orbit. But not tonight. Shamrock instead said that Ortiz won and that the stoppage was a good one. Shamrock thanked his fans for the support over the years and said that he wanted to go out with no hard feelings for Ortiz. In fact he wished Ortiz continued success and added “God Bless all of the guys who fight in the octogon.”

Ortiz must have been listening, because he came over and when Shamrock was done speaking, took the mic and apologized directly to Shamrock for his antics after the match. They shook hands and hugged.

Ken Shamrock has probably fought his last battle in the octogan. He went out a warrior. He went out with class. Although defeated, he acted like a winner.