Craig and the “Rocky Balboa” Blog

Craig and the Rocky Balboa Blog

A few weeks ago I posted MGM is in the SZONE! and discussed conversations that I’d had with representatives from MGM and Sylvester Stallone‘s office. At that time I wrote: “I’m not sure what role the StalloneZone will play in the official promotion of “Rocky Balboa”

Earlier this week, this was posted on the ROCKY BALBOA BLOG: Stay Tuned… The Rocky Balboa Blog will soon be updated with more great content and a brand new home

As you can imagine, I’ve been bombarded with e-mails from fans asking questions… so here’s the deal: I will be hosting the Rocky Balboa Blog. I was contacted by Sly‘s rep who verified Sly is very much aware of the SZ and SZoners around the world.

The Rocky Balboa Blog will be regularly updated with exclusive photos, news, interviews and more. Our first update will appear soon! The StalloneZone will continue to compliment Sly’s official site.

You’re still going to get regular StalloneZone updates, exclusives and more! The road to December 22, 2006 is going to be a fun one. I hope that you’re coming along for the ride! – Craig