Kathern Hepburn; Suge Knight and More

Four-time Oscar winner Katharine Hepburn died at 2:50 pm yesterday, at her Connecticut home, surrounded by family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German man lay dead in his bed for almost three years before being found, police said Friday. I’d like to think that someone would start missing me after oh, a YEAR or SO!

VIENNA (Reuters) – A woman lay awake during surgery for 45 minutes, unable to move or call for help, after staff forgot to hook up the machine pumping out anaesthetic. I’d like to think that someone would have noticed my tears after oh, a minute or SO!

BEIJING (AFP) – An investigation has begun after sightings of a legendary “ape-like” beast in the forests of central China, it was reported. Anyone checked to make sure Big Beatty hasn’t left the country?

Death Row Records founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight has been arrested for allegedly punching a parking attendant outside a Los Angeles nightclub. This could effect his participation in “Rampart Scandal.”