Rage by Jonathan Maberry / Z-View

Rage by Jonathan Maberry

Paperback: 462 pages
Publisher: Griffin

First sentence…

If the world is on all four wheels and nothing is burning, you’ll never hear from guys like me.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

A bio-weapon released on a small island off the coast of Korea turns men, women and children into raging killers.  Making things worse, a video shows what appear to be US soldiers behind the terrorist attack.

As North Korea, China, and the US begin to posture for all out war, Joe Ledger leads the newly formed Rogue International team to the island.  Finding himself commanding elite soldiers from North and South Korea along with members of his old squad, Ledger will learn that there is a traitor among them.

As the clock clicks down, the virus spreads and rumors that the US was behind the bio attacks leaks to the media.  Rogue International must find the source of the Rage attacks and prevent further terrorist actions before its too late.  A mission like this comes with a high cost — and hats off to Maberry because he has the reader worried about one thing and delivers something more surprising and equally as devastating.  And then hits the reader with something even worse.

Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger novels never disappoint.