Update: Craig’s Medical Emergency

I went to my doctor/surgeon for a follow-up this morning.  Originally, I was scheduled to go in tomorrow, but one of my incisions started to look infected so, he brought me in a day early.  My vitals (blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels) were all great.

So was the incision.  There were no signs of infection.  The doctor said that what we thought was infection was just a material expected to be found in surgical recovery wounds.  He removed the drainage tube from my side.  I felt like I was in a magic act when he took it out – he kept pulling and pulling until a tube about 1 1/2 – 2 feet long was removed from my side!

My doctor said that he has shared my charts, scans, etc. with a few other doctors and they agreed that it was lucky that I had not been sent home with meds.  One of the doctors with 30 years experience said he would have definitely sent me home based on the evidence they were seeing.  That could have proven fatal!  Hopefully, this will help others in a similar circumstance in the future.

The doctor said I am recovering at a great pace.  I won’t have to see him again unless something develops.  Fingers crossed that won’t happen.  So this should be my last medical update.  Thanks again for all the prayers and kind thoughts.  I hope to be back to full interaction on the site and message boards soon.