2nd COVID-19 Shot; Day Two Side Effects

Yesterday I posted that my wife and I received our second COVID-19 vaccination.  Like with the first shot we both experienced some pain in the arm that received the injection.  In the afternoon I felt sleepy, but my wife didn’t experience that issue.  We knew that with the second shot many people experienced tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, and nausea.  We hoped to avoid those reactions.

Unfortunately, as the night wore on we began to experience them.  We both developed chills, joint aches and hot flashes.  I also had muscle pain (lower back) and nausea.  Neither of us slept well, waking up throughout the night several times.  We took Tylenol and drank water.  It felt like the flu.  It’s a little after 1;00pm and we’re starting to feel better.  I imagine by tomorrow we’ll be back to our normal selves.

Given that in two weeks we should be assured of not dying or being hospitalized if we contact COVID-19, the side effects were a small price to pay and if we have to get booster shots ever year, I’m fine with that.  It sure beats the alternative.