Kali by Daniel Freedman and Robert Sammelin is Coming!

Kali by Daniel Freedman (writer) and Robert Sammelin (artist) sounds like something I’d like…

From Daniel Freedman (Raiders) and Mondo and DICE artist Robert Sammelin comes an original graphic novel that’s a nonstop, high-octane existential action spectacle, perfect for Mad Max: Fury Road fans!

Stabbed in the back, poisoned, and left for dead by her own biker gang, Kali sets off on a one-way road of vengeance across a war-torn desert battlefield. With impending death coursing through her veins and a fascist army hot on her tail, Kali will stop at nothing to get her revenge, even if it’s the last thing she ever does. A nonstop high-octane existential action spectacle from writer Daniel Freedman and artist Robert Sammelin!

I’ll keep my eye out for preview art but if you’ve seen enough, pre-orders for Kali are available now.