The HOPELESS are Coming to Get You, Barbara!

Hopeless is a new horror graphic novel that sounds/looks good.  The ‘Hopeless‘ Team consists of Mike Raicht (co-creator, writer), Zach Howard (co-creator, art director), Danny Earls (artist), Clara Meath (Kickstarter manager), Thompson Knox (letterer) and Ed Lavalee (logo design).  The Hopeless Kickstarter runs until 7:34am on April 24th.  I’m in!

Check out the synopsis and a few preview pages (click on the art to see ’em biggie-sized) to see if you want in as well.

Hopeless’ is a 100-page graphic novel that begins on Chrisler Street, a dead end street in the fictional town of Hope, New York, enduring the turmoil of the late 60s. Set during the Vietnam war, Hope, like thousands of small towns across America, has been gutted by the draft, the horrors of Vietnam, and the ongoing battle for civil rights.

Now, that landscape will be invaded by one final, horrific twist- the Tagged.

Who are the Tagged? Those unfortunate souls infected by vicious parasites during their time deep in the jungles of Vietnam. These parasite-infected soldiers are about to unknowingly unleash a new type of hell on their hometowns. Slowly driven mad, their minds ravaged by mind-destroying parasites, these Tagged soldiers will viciously tear their communities apart.