Killer of Demons Kills

The Pitch: “Frailty” plus a sense of humor meets comic books as presented by writer Christopher Yost and artist Scott Wegner.

The Overview: Dave Sloan wakes up to see actual demons from hell are living among us.  Only Dave can see them.  Well, that‘s not quite true.  The little heavenly cherub angel can see ’em and, between puffs on his cigar,  is telling Dave to kill them all.

The Good:  Wegner’s art works really well with Yost’s story.  Demons and humans, seen through Dave’s eyes as they go about their daily activities.  The ad for “Old Scratch.” The last page.

The Bad: What happens if you look like a demon to Dave.

The Ugly: The second issue isn’t available NOW.

The Summary:  Killer of Demons is a lot of fun.  Yost and Wegner have created a winner!