Darwyn Cooke’s Big Update

Yesterday Darwyn Cooke wrote a guest article for Jimmy Palmiotti’s blog and gave us quite an update!  Here are a few highlights:

  • Darwyn is providing covers for The Last Resort which he describes as a “Horror/Comedy… kind of a cross between an Irwin Allen picture and some of the great serials that you’d get back in the day from Heavy Metal.”  It’s written by Jimmy Palmiotti and will be published by IDW this summer.
  • Darwyn is designing and contributing color for the dustjackets on The Complete Torpedo Collection, the five volume set which for the first time ever collects the entire Sanchez Abuli and Jordi Bernet classic series.
  • Our buddy, John Highashi got a shout out for his bowling prowess!
  • Darwyn’s friend Calum Johnston hosts “Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog” which provides updates on what the main man is working on.  Until yesterday I didn’t know this blog existed and now it’s on my must read list.

Speaking of must read — if you want to check out Darwyn’s entire guest article, then click here.