“The Landing” (2017) / Z-View

The Landing (2017)

Director:  David Dodson, Mark Dodson

Screenplay: David Dodson, Mark Dodson

Stars: Don Hannah, Warren Farina, Jeff McVey, Page Hannah, Robert Pine and Craig Stepp

Tagline:  None.

The Plot…

A faux documentary that explores the events leading to the tragic loss of an astronaut’s life on Apollo 18, the last U.S. mission to the moon.  Was it murder?

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

There was no Apollo 18 mission.  The Landing is total fiction, but done so well many folks believe it is an actual documentary.  One of the reasons that The Landing seems so real (besides great production values, acting, writing, directing and editing) is that the filmmakers came together in 1991 to began filming.  They then waited 25 years to film the “current” interviews!

The fact that The Landing presents as reality upset many reviewers.  They felt that an unsuspecting audience would believe that there was an Apollo 18 mission that resulted in a dead astronaut.  I say, “Judge the film on it’s merits, not what viewers may believe.”  Yes, The Landing is so well done it appears to be a legit documentary.  That is a strength, my friends.  Plus The Landing has an interesting mystery resulting in a death.  Was it an accident or murder?

I give credit to the filmmakers for having the patience and belief in the project to put it on hold for 25 years.  No wonder make-up or special effects weren’t needed to age the actors.  Don Hannah, who plays astronaut Bo Cunningham, deserves special mention.  Although Mr. Hannah usually works behind the camera as an Assistant Director, he was spot on with his acting.  I’d like to see him in other roles.

The Landing earns 4 of 5 stars.