Things Could Always Be Worse

Last night the a bunch of the family met up in DeLand to see my nephew pitch for East Tennessee State University against Stetson.  Although hanging with the family was fun, the game didn’t go our way.  Josh started as pitcher and went five innings.  The score was 4-2 when he was relieved [and two of the runs came after errors].  Things went pretty much downhill after that.  ETSU went through four more pitchers as Stetson hammered in a total of 19 runs.  Final score Stetson 19, ETSU 4.  Arrgh.

After the game, when we went out into the parking lot we discovered that one of the foul balls hit out of the stadium had busted out Josh’s mom’s car’s back window.  Sheesh!  You can see that Joey was shocked at the look of his Aunt’s car!

Still, the night did have it’s moments.  It was fun hanging with family members.  And Grandma Peggy came up with a few new ones:  “They’ve got more runs than a pair of my old hose”“That kid is swingin’ like it’s the 60’s!”