RIP: Jason Pearson

I was on a road trip to Indiana to attend my father’s funeral when I learned that Jason Pearson had died.  Although he passed on December 19, 2022, his death wasn’t announced until January 16, 2023.  Jason was 52 years old.

Jason Pearson was best known for Body Bags, a comic he created, wrote and drew.  But anything that Jason Pearson drew was worth adding to your collection.  He had a style that was instantly recognizable.  It was dynamic, energetic and brought new life to any character.

I met Jason at Heroescon in 2004.  I was able to get on Jason’s sketch list and asked for his take on Rocky Balboa. Jason was hesitant saying, “I don’t do good likenesses.”  I told him I wasn’t looking for a photo, just his take on the character.  Jason said he’d give it a go.  The result is above with my picture of Jason holding his art. I’m honored to have a Jason Pearson sketch in my collection.  It’s sad that we won’t be getting more Jason Pearson art in the future, but his legacy will live forever.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jason Pearson’s family, friends and fans.