RIP: Lance Kerwin

Lance Kerwin, one of the most popular children actors of the 1970s, died on January 24, 2023.  He was 62.

Lance Kerwin began his career in 1974 with guest appearances on seven popular television series and two made for tv movies!  Mr. Kerwin stayed busy with roles in feature films throughout his career.  He retired from acting in 1995.  Lance Kerwin is best known for the television series James at 16 and the tv movie Salem’s Lot.

Some of Lance Kerwin’s television appearances include: Emergency!; Shazam; Little House on the Prairie; Police Story; Cannon; Gunsmoke; ABC Afterschool Specials (5 episodes); The Loneliest Runner (tv movie); Wonder Woman; The Bionic Woman; James at 16 (21 episodes); The Boy Who Drank Too Much (tv movie); Hotel; Trapper John; Simon & Simon and Murder She Wrote. 

Some of Lance Kerwin’s feature film appearances include: Enemy Mine and Outbreak.

My favorite Lance Kerwin role was in the made-for-tv adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.  If Mr. Kerwin was only known for that film, his passing would still be noted due to the impact that movie has on horror movie fans.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lance Kerwin’s family, friends and fans.