CAVE 13: A JOE LEDGER & ROGUE TEAM INTERNATIONAL by Jonathan Maberry is Coming!

Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International will be back in a new adventure titled CAVE 13.  Here’s the synopsis…

After years of searching, a new cave filled with Dead Sea Scrolls is found, and among them are bizarre books of actual magic. Terrorist groups and multinational corporations scramble to acquire these treasures in the hopes that magic is the true WMD of the 21st Century. But everyone who goes near those scrolls goes insane. The fabric of reality is shredding. Is this the result of ancient magic, or is it a new bioweapon that fractures the mind of anyone exposed?

Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International plunge into mortal peril as this new and deadly arms race threatens to ignite new wars throughout the Middle East.

Cave 13 pits Joe Ledger against warring factions of ideological terrorism, corporate greed, and massive international crime syndicates in what might well become a new Age of Miracles.

Jonathan Maberry like Joe Ledger never disappoints.  Pre-orders for CAVE 13 are available now for the August 29, 2023 release.