“Cold Pursuit” (2019) starring Liam Neeson / Z-View

Cold Pursuit (2019)

Director: Hans Petter Moland

Screenplay:  Frank Baldwin based on In Order of Disappearance by Kim Fupz Aakeson

Stars: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Micheál Neeson, Tom Bateman, Domenick Lombardozzi, Jim Shield, Aleks Paunovic, Glenn Ennis  and Emmy Rossum.

Tagline: Revenge is best served cold.

The Plot…

Citizen of the Year, Nels Coxman (Neeson), is a mild-mannered Colorado snowplow driver.  When Coxman learns that his son was murdered by members of a drug cartel, he decides to take out as many members of the cartel as he can.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

Cold Pursuit is one of those movies that gets better as it goes along.  That’s because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, provides interesting characters and more plot twists that expected in a “revenge flick”.

Liam Neeson is always good.  Standouts in the supporting cast include…

  • Tom Bateman as Trevor “Viking” Calcote, the unhinged drug lord
  • Emmy Rossum as Kim Dash, a young, eager police officer
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Mustang, one of Calcote’s enforcers
  • William Forsythe as Brock “Wingman” Coxman, a retired hitman

Stick around for the end credits — there’s not another scene but the credit design adds to the fun.

Cold Pursuit (2019) rates 4 of 5 stars.