IT DIES WITH YOU by Scott Blackburn / Z-View

IT DIES WITH YOU by Scott Blackburn

Hardback: ‎ 304 pages
Publisher: ‎ Crooked Lane Books (June 7, 2022)

First sentence…

I was bouncing at the Red Door Taproom on a Friday night in January, which all but guaranteed I’d be earning every last cent of my paycheck.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Hudson Miller’s promising career as a boxer is on hold.  Suspended for a fight outside the ring, Miller now works as a bouncer as he waits for the commission to decide his future.  Late one night, Miller ignores a phone a call from his estranged father.  The next morning Miller learns that his dad was murdered in a robbery gone bad.  At least that’s what the cops are saying.

After the funeral, Miller is surprised to learn he is the new owner of his dad’s salvage yard.  Figuring it will pay more than bouncing, Miller decides to give it a try… at least until he can fight again.  Things go sideways when Miller learns that the salvage yard was the hub of illegal activities that may have played a part in his dad’s murder.  As Miller digs deeper, he finds himself alone and unsure of who he can trust.  His father’s only employee, Charlie Shoaf, a Viet Nam vet who doesn’t rattle easily warns Miller to leave it alone.  The cops are no help.  Miller is going to get answers even if it kills him.

IT DIES WITH YOU is Scott Blackburn’s debut novel.  He had me hooked from the first sentence.  He creates characters that feel real and you care about.  The mystery of who killed Miller’s dad propels them through a world that you can see outside your window if you live in the rural south.  I look forward to whatever Blackburn writes next.