“Justified: City Primeval” – Does the Twist Ending Set Up Another Season with Raylan vs Boyd?

Justified: City Primeval ended on a cliffhanger or maybe it didn’t.

Check out Justified: City Primeval Closes Out With Epic Twist: “It Was a Dangerous Idea” by Josh Wigler at The Hollywood Reporter.  Wigler talks to Justified: City Primeval creators Michael Dinner and Dave Andron about the “twist” ending.  We also learn what Timothy Olyphant and Walter Goggins had to say about it.

I thought the ending to Justified: City Primeval was perfect.  Dinner and Andron were right in not having Boyd Crowder show up sooner.  I agree having Raylan visit Boyd in prison to help get a read on Mansell would have felt a little too Silence of the Lambish.  It would have also taken a bit of the luster off of Mansell (who was a great character in his own right).

If we get another season of Justified, it should involve the final confrontation between Raylan and Boyd Crowder.  But if that happens, how do you top it?  Would that mean the series ends? (Say it wouldn’t be so.)

I would love Justified go on for several more years.  Each new season would be Justified: __________.  That’s Justified with a subtitle.  ; )

I wrote earlier that I thought the ending to Justified: City Primeval was perfect.  Fans of the series were hit with a surprise that we didn’t see coming.  Kudos to all that kept Walter Goggins’ appearance a secret.  The ending flawlessly set up a potential next season.  But if we don’t get another round of Justified, fans are left with the ability to imagine their own ending.  I think Elmore Leonard would have liked that.