Mike Zeck Kicks Things Off

Digging around in the ZONE vault and we find a Mike Zeck front piece for RBCC #145 from 1978. Mike was a regular contributor to the RBCC fanzine and he wasn’t alone. Many folks who went on to have successful careers in the comics field were proud to have their art appear in the pages of RBCC.  In this issue you could see the early work of Bob Layton, John Bolton, Dennis Fujitake, David Michelinie, Fred Hembeck, Don Rosa, and Kerry Gammill.

Two ads for fanzines caught my eye: the first, for Fandom Playhouse talked up “the fantastic work of Mark Chiarello” — who at that time was an 18 year old kid with a dream; and the second for a fanzine called Grymalkin which featured the work of Neal Adams, Frank Frazetta, John Byrne, Mike Nasser, George Perez, Don McGregor and many others.  [I may still have some of the art pages from it somewhere in the ZONE vault…]  Grymalkin sold for the outrageous price of a buck-fifty postage paid. 

Man, do I wish I had a time machine.