EERIE Archives Volume 5 featuring Steranko, Frank Frazetta, Archie Goodwin, Tom Sutton, Angelo Torres, & Reed Crandall!

EERIE Archives Volume 5 will be 272 pages of horror when it is released on April 9, 2024.  Here’s the lowdown…

Take a ride in the back of Cousin Eerie’s hearse and head for the cemetery in EERIE Archives Volume 5, now in value-priced paperback.

Join legendary creators Frank Frazetta, Archie Goodwin, Jim Steranko, Tom Sutton, Angelo Torres, Reed Crandall, and more as they devise the most dastardly tales in the heinous history of horror. Foreword by CREEPY author, screenwriter, and director Don Glut.

Collects EERIE magazine issues #23–#27.

  Deal me in.  Pre-Orders are available now.