RIP: Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry died yesterday, the result of an accidental drowning in his hot tub.  Mr. Perry was 54.

Matthew Perry’s parents divorced before his first birthday.  When Matthew was 15, he moved to L.A. to live with his father, John Perry.  Matthew’s father was an actor and Matthew decided to pursue and acting career.

Matthew Perry began getting guest spots on television. He landed a starring role in the tv series Boys Will Be Boys which ran for one season.  His first feature film appearance was in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon starring River Phoenix.  In 1994, Matthew Perry appeared in the role that would change his life.  He was cast as Chandler Bing, on the hit series Friends.  This would be Mr. Perry’s signature role and earn him a 2002 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.  Matthew Perry would go on to work in both television and feature films for the remainder of his career.  Mr. Perry would earn two more Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series (2003 and 2004) for his work on West Wing.

Some of Matthew Perry’s television appearances include: Charles in Charge; Silver Spoons; The Tracey Ullman Show; Boys Will Be Boys (21 episodes); Highway to Heaven; Empty Nest; Growing Pains (3 episodes); Sydney (13 episodes); Who’s the Boss?; Beverly Hills 90210; Dream On; Home Free (13 episodes); Friends (234 episodes); The Simpsons; Ally McBeal (2 episodes); The West Wing (3 episodes); Scrubs; Studio City on Sunset Strip (22 episodes); Mr. Sunshine (13 episodes); The Good Wife (4 episodes); Go On (22 episodes); Web Therapy (2 episodes); The Odd Couple (38 episodes); The Good Fight (3 episodes) and The Kennedys After Camelot (4 episodes).

Some of Matthew Perry’s film appearances include: A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon; She’s Out of Control; Fools Rush In; The Whole Nine Yards; The Whole Ten Yards and 17 Again.

Of course when I think of Matthew Perry, his role of Chandler Bing first comes to mind.  Friends made him a super star.  My favorite Matthew Perry appearances came on West Wing.  He appeared in just three episodes, but earned two Emmy nominations for them.

Matthew Perry didn’t hide the struggles that he faced with substance abuse throughout his life.  In 2011, Mr. Perry served as a celebrity spokesperson for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals in support of funding for drug courts.  Matthew Perry opened The Perry House, a rehab center in his former mansion in Malibu, California.  I was a fan of Matthew Perry’s acting, but an even bigger fan of his efforts to combat drugs both for himself and others.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Matthew Perry’s family, friends and fans.