“Around the World” (1943) starring Kay Kyser, Mischa Auer & Joan Davis / Z-View

Around the World (1943)

Director:  Allan Dwan

Screenplay by:  Ralph Spence

Starring: Kay Kyser, Mischa Auer, Joan Davis, Wally Brown, Alan Carney, M.A. Bogue,  Georgia Carroll, Chester Conklin, Barbara Hale and Marcy McGuire.

Tagline: The musical that’s going places – and momma does she move!

The Story:

World War II is underway.  Kay Kyser takes his band on a tour of military bases around the world to entertain our troops with song, comedy and pretty girls.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

Kay Kyser and his band were popular on radio, feature films and television.  Kyser combined real musical talent with comedy and wasn’t afraid to let members of his troupe shine.  Around the World is filled with songs interspersed with one liners, sight gags, double talk and musical silliness.  Oh, and there’s a story that runs through the different stops.  It has a surprisingly sad, yet inspirational ending.