“Die Hard 2” Trivia from Renny Harlin!

Rob Hunter at Film School Rejects posted 22 Things We Learned from Renny Harlin’s ‘Die Hard 2’ Commentary.  Before you click over, here are three of my favorites and my thoughts on each…

Harlin was first hired by 20th Century Fox to make Alien 3, but when that fell apart he was instead offered The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The studio liked the dailies from that film so much that they offered him Die Hard 2. The schedule was so tight that he was still finishing shots on Ford Fairlane while jumping into Die Hard 2, and he planned on doing post-production on both simultaneously. “I was thirty years old, I had lots of energy, I loved movies, I loved working with Joel Silver.”

It’s odd that Harlin was up for Alien 3, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Die Hard 2.  They are such different types of movies.  While I’m not a fan of Alien 3, I am of the other two. – Craig

Harlin chuckles at the changes in audience climate “these days” (circa 2001 when this track was recorded). “While I’m watching the movie I’m realizing there’s quite a lot of cursing in it, and also Bruce Willis is smoking.” He thinks that, in today’s world, there has to be a specific reason as to why the character is smoking. “And the same thing with cursing.”

If I was in the situation that John McClane found himself in, I’d do a lot of cursing too.  Heck, I might even take up smoking. – Craig

Harlin’s favorite scene in the film is where McClane is trapped in the cockpit, surrounded by bad guys shooting and lobbing grenades his way. He likes seeing protagonists placed in extremely difficult situations. “Obviously planes like this don’t really have ejection seats, but we decided they would.”

That is probably Die Hard 2’s signature scene.  If you’re not making a documentary, and you do the scene well. audiences will forgive things like this not found in real life. – Craig