“Alien” & “Aliens” Alt Posters by Aurelio Lorenzo!

Aurelio Lorenzo is a huge fan of Alien and Aliens.  He created two posters that work together as one or can stand alone.  They work perfectly either way.  Click on the photo above to see a Nostromo-sized version. Here’s part of what Lorenzo had to say about their creation:

ALIEN and ALIENS are still unsurpassed, not only in the franchise, but in the genre. Very different movies between them, but they have one thing in common, they both are GREAT!

I aimed to create a two-poster set, each able to stand alone or as part of a diptych. The focus was on making the xenomorphs dominant, enveloping the layout with a sense of claustrophobia. I then incorporated key elements from the movies, trying to capture their essence in an attractive composition.

I say, “Mission accomplished!”  If you’d like to see more of Aurelio Lorenzo’s art, you can here.