“The Naked Prey” (1965) directed by and starring Cornel Wilde / Z-View

The Naked Prey (1965)

Director:  Cornel Wilde

Screenplay: Clint Johnston, Don Peters

Stars: Cornel Wilde, Gert van den Bergh, Ken Gampu.

Tagline: Stripped, weaponless, alone and only ten desperate seconds ahead of the killers!

The Plot…

When a 1800s safari enters a tribe’s territory, one of the warriors demands a tribute.  Even though the “gifts” wouldn’t amount to much, the man who paid for the safari refuses.  The guide suggests that to not pay would be seen as an insult and the toll would be minimal.  The man again refuses and pushes the warrior out of his way as he walks off.

Later the expedition is overrun by tribal warriors.  They kill all but five members of the safari including the guide. The members of the expedition are killed by brutal methods.  The guide is saved for last.  He is stripped of all weapons and clothes.  Totally naked he will be given a short head start.  Then the best warriors from the tribe will chase him down and kill him.

What chance does he have?

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

The script was based on a real life adventure that took place in 1808.  John Colter was a fur trapper.  He and another trapper were captured by Blackfoot Indians.  His partner was killed and Colter was given a head start to run for his life.  He survived.

This was Cornel Wilde’s favorite film that he directed.

The Naked Prey was filmed on location in Southern Africa

The Naked Prey (1965) rates 4 of 5 stars.