“Atlas” (2024) starring Jennifer Lopez / Z-View

Atlas (2024) 

Director: Brad Peyton

Screenplay:  Leo Sardarian, Aron Eli Coleite

Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Paul Ganus, Zoe Boyle, Gloria Cole and Mark Strong

Tagline: The future of humanity is in her hands

The Plot…

In the future, Harlan (Liu), an AI soldier begins a war against humanity.  Millions of people are killed before nations of the world join forces.  The tide turns, but Harlan escapes.  Years later Harlan is discovered on a planet in deep space.

A military expedition is sent to capture Harlan.  Atlas Shepherd (Lopez), the daughter of Harlan’s creator demands to accompany the soldiers.  Atlas is given clearance.

As the military team begins descent to the planet, they are attacked.  Atlas is the sole survivor thanks to her battle suit’s AI technology.  Realizing that her AI powered armor could turn on her, Atlas’ first instinct is to shut it down.  But if she wants to survive…

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

Much of Atlas felt like I was watching a video game not a movie.

Why not just leave Harlan alone?  He’s millions of miles away.

Sterling K. Brown is always a welcome addition to any movie.

Atlas (2024)  rates 2 of 5 stars.