FULL TILT by Jason Copland / Z-View

FULL TILT by Jason Copland (letters by Troy Peteri)

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Two hundred years in the future five crime families control New Manhattan.  With trouble in paradise a sitdown was arranged for the boss of each family and his/her adviser.  It did not end well.

An assassin appeared. It was a massacre. Massimo Miller, the consigliere of the Chessa family was the only survivor.  Massimo was wounded, but barely survived.  The cops and new crime bosses (even for the Chessa family) believe that Miller was the executioner.

Now badly inured and alone, Massimo has one thing on his mind: vengeance.  To get it, Massimo will have to travel across the city with the soldiers of the five families and cops on his trail.  How can one man, even one as formidable as Massimo have a chance?  There’s only one way… go full tilt.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

Jason Copland’s FULL TILT is a masterpiece. The mobster storyline in a sci-fi setting is perfect for Copland’s world building. He’s developed interesting, original characters built using genre troupes. Copland’s story and art raise the bar.  I’m sad for the folks who missed out.


Below are examples of unfinished/unlettered pages used to promote FULL TILT.